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Monday, July 29, 2013

Deutschland ist am besten! First letter from Freiburg.

Double Rainbow from the window. And RECYCLING BINS!!!!!

Meeting Sister Peterson for the first time at the train station in Stuttgart

At the Bahnhof!

View from the window!

Kitchen in first German apartment

Writing home this morning

Rainy day. Just like home.

Eating rolls on the train, on the way to zone training
     So first, imagine sitting in a train gazing out the window feeling the gentle rhythm of it winding it's way through the rolling hills and mountains of the black forests. You look to your left and see an ancient castle set on a hillside and down below is a small Dorf with old Wohnungs (neighborhoods) and houses settled on the bright green grass admidst the tall dark pine trees. That is the 3 hour train ride Sister Peterson and I have to take for any sort of zone meeting. Yes, familie and freunden, I am the most blessed person on the planet.
     Deutschland ist am besten (Germany is the best). I tell that to everyone I speak with. It is literally the most phenomenal and fantastic place on Earth. You wouldn't believe how wonderful it is.
     We left the MTC at 7:30 on Tuesday Morning and left for Detroit at 11:10. After that, I have no idea the time of it where. It was one long blur. In Detroit we loaded a big airbus airplane and set off for our journey across the pond. It was one of those big planes with a row of 2 seats, a row of 4 seats, and another row of 2 seats. I was in a seat with 3 elders who were heading to the Alpine Mission but I had never really talked to. It was long, and no, I did not sleep the entire time. I tried but never actually fell asleep. We arrived in Amsterdam and I said goodbye to my district. At this point I felt more alone than I had ever felt in my life. I was in the Netherlands with 20 some odd missionaries that I had maybe said a sentence or four to. They were all good friends from 6 weeks of being together, and I sat by myself as the little outcast Provo MTC Alpine mission fasttracker.
     Well I couldn't handle feeling that way, I was about to start on my mission! I wanted to be happy and excited! So what did I do? There was a sister who was from the Netherlands and super shy. She seemed like she went unnoticed sometimes and so I sat and talked to her. Here is one of the most important lessons we could ever learn. The only way to help ourselves is by helping others. As soon as we get outside of ourselves, we are able overcome whatever the challenge may be.
     We arrived in Munich and it was not the funnest for me, I'll be frank. At this point I had been awake for almost 24 hours, I was hungry, I hadn't had much water, and I didn't know anyone (though one sister missionary was very friendly when we united with the Preston, England Fast Trackers). I was holding back tears, honestly. Then we had to go contact and give out Books of Mormon. Well, I learned a crash course in rejection. There is hardly any good that comes from approaching a German and saying you have a message of God. That's just not the way they roll. But, it didn't bring me down, it was very edifying.
     We got to the Church building and had our first meeting and I've never been so tired in my life. I felt like I was in a dream and I couldn't focus at all. I will never do drugs, that much I can tell you. I hate the feeling of not being present.
     Now you probably think, oh my gosh, Sister Henry had a horrible time. But I tell you, HECK NO! Because I have learned that things get worst right before they are phenomenal!
We took a 30 minute nap in the Pews and my mission began.
     I found out I was being sent to Freiburg to be trained by a Sister who just finished up her training, Sister Peterson. On Thursday, we hopped on the train to Stuttgart so I could meet Sister Peterson and then she and I would travel to Freiburg. I sat next to a man named Manfred. I had the Book of Mormon with me that I was to hand out the day before and I decided I wanted to hand it out before arriving in Freiburg. I started talking with Manfred about Germany, how cool it is, how much it reminds me of my home. I talked about my purpose, the Book of Mormon, who I am. We talked about him, his family, and just were talking like two old friends. He's older and travels between Wien and Freiburg to visit his daughters. Yes, this entire conversation was in German. Which made it fun for both of us because we were just laughing. I told him he will always be Mein Erste Freund (my first friend). I wrote Vor: Manfred. Mein Erste Freund. Von: Sister Henry. I then told him he ought to read it and come to church with me. I got his address and Sister Peterson and I will be stopping by sometime this week.
     But it was phenomenal, because as I was speaking with him on the train, there was a light in his eyes. He was gleaming with happiness, he actually reminded me a lot of Gandalf, haha. But I got off the train and I looked back and he had stepped off to take a smoke. I saw him as a weathered man who has been through a lot and needs hope, some glimmer in his life. My heart just broke and I realized THAT is why I am on my mission.
     I met Sister Peterson and she is just great. Honestly, we are going to just be the best companionship ever. I have come into Freiburg and we have 13 investigators and a ton more of Potentials. But not one baptismal date. This is every golden's dream ward because there are so many people to teach, but the teaching doesn't mean squat if it doesn't lead to action. Living a life worth living is all about action!
     Our apartment is up 6 flights of wooden stairs, but we have elders in our ward and they were able to carry my suitcases for me, bless their souls. It's so worth it, we have a gorgeous view from the top window. The windowsill is large enough to sit in so I've done that a few times. Just listening to Germany and enjoying where I am and who I am.
     Freiburg is as close to home as I could get. It looks like home. Basically move the mountains closer to Vancouver, stick Europe in the middle of it, and that is Freiburg. It is beautiful. But even more, the people here are GREAT!
     Which leads me to say something. There is a reason that Germany is called a "sleeping giant". It is because they are. These people are incredible. You look into their eyes and you know that there's an ever so thick veil keeping them from their full potential. It's not what saints in the states think at all. Europeans are not so settled and proud that they don't want the gospel. You see in their eyes that they're yearning and striving for that thing, but it's almost like they're afraid to find it. They are the friendliest people you could ever meet. Almost too friendly, they always say my German is so good when I know it's not! But they've been able to understand me and I can understand them so alles gut!
     There actually isn't too bad of a dialect here in the city because It's such a melting pot. So people speak very good and easy German. But there are people that you just go, "what the flap are they saying" and when that happens I just do my best. The Freiburg dialect itself is verrückt (wild) but I haven't met too many people who speak it. I love speaking German and we speak a lot of English too. But, I'm not afraid that I won't learn the language as fast because I'm speaking both. It's just great because we're able to reach twice as many people. A lot of people here are more proficient in English than German and It's awesome we can talk to them too.
     So Thursday was the day that I got here and after we put my stuff in the apartment we went out on the Straßenbahn to talk to some potentials. No one was home, but we ran into a young man named P. on the street. We were just saying Hallo to everyone, (It's my favorite thing to do) and I saw him look a little differently at us. So we started talking to him and found out he recently joined the Muslim faith because he found that it was moving him closer to God. We gave him a Book of Mormon and got his contact information and it was just awesome. It was such a great conversation because we were talking with him, not just sharing a message at him. We actually called him last night and he's out of town for the next 3 weeks :( But I have faith all will be well.
     I also was able to help teach a lesson to E, she's from Africa and awesome. She is so sweet! It was in English so that was really nice. I like talking in English..hehe
     So Saturday night....I only have one thing to say. BEES. It's been sehr sher heiß (very very HOT!) here in Freiburg. It got up to 38 on Friday! That was the day we went to our training. Well, we had left our windows open to catch a breeze and when we went to bed, Sister Peterson got stung by one that was in her blanket. We then realized they were everywhere! She put on her winter parka and grabbed the fly swatter and then I locked her in our bedroom telling her she's the trainer and she has to kill them! Muaha! And she did. I think it was 9 bees that night and a couple more the next morning. There's a hive outside our east windows so we're only opening the west ones now :)
    First Sunday was a lot of German but it was a success! We have Relief Society first at 9 am and it was very fun. We actually taught the lesson, aka Sister Peterson taught and then I bore testimony every now and then. I think I may be the Freiburg ward's little American pet. They are so awesome and so loving! I can't wait to get to know them better. During my little testimony I was able to make them laugh...twice! Sister Peterson said she's never heard them be so excited and attentive about missionary work. Hip hip Huzzah!
     I'm running out of time. It's something that has been happening a lot in Freiburg. Sister Peterson and I have so many people to see and so much to do but we run out of time constantly. Our are is pretty big and so it's just hard because we have to take trains everywhere. Which is fun but it eats up time when you spend 3 hours to get to a 2 hour meeting and then 3 hours back. But as long as we're doing what we're to be doing, it's all good.
    I love being a missionary. I love talking to people all day and just noticing them and loving them. When we take the time to care about others, we really just feel more love towards ourselves. There's something special about having the boldness to say hello to others.
     Every person you meet is a Child of God. Every person you know needs that hope and that assurance in their lives. It's a not a matter of, if you come to know these things are true, but when you come to know these things are true. I know that missionary work isn't exclusive to just us missionaries, and anyone who thinks that is making it so hard for us serving full time. We need help from members, we need the support and sacrifice of time from those serving in the wards. WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE!
     Don't ever be afraid to talk to someone. The worst they can do is ignore you, and at that point, they feel more uncomfortable when you do. Look into people's eyes when you talk to them, show them that you care. People need each other, we are not meant to be alone. We are meant to be cared for. And we can't only be cared for by other humans here on this earth. We need the light and the beacon that comes only through Jesus Christ. I'm not here to preach about Jesus to everyone, I'm here to witness that he is our Savior and our Redeemer and that the ONLY WAY we can be truly happy is by learning from him and learning of him. That's why I have such an affection and faith that Germany, very soon, will come to a knowledge of who Christ truly is. They are so happy, and so friendly, and so loving now. Imagine how they will be once they are restored to a knowledge of who they truly are! These people deserve the truth, they deserve the comfort and they deserve the knowledge far more than anyone I have ever met. I love these people with my whole heart and I won't stop until each one of them understands how much more they can become!
     I love you, familie. Thank you for being who you are, you guys are the best!
Tell people to write me!
Also, Vora wanted to see some pictures. Did Trinity and Tristan get my letter? I loved the picture of you guys at yo2go. I loved Tori's note. Holy cow dad and Michael's story (scary exit from Mt.St.Helens) riveted me!
We have to go get groceries, eat, and then we're going to look at the churches here in Freiburg. I have to go. I will talk to you next week.
Tell people to write me!
I love you!
So much!
Make sure El gets my letters.
I love you!
So much!
Sister Henry

Friday, July 26, 2013

Only Sherry...


 THIRTY TWO "goldens" as they call them in the Alpine German-speaking mission.  Lots of work for the AP's, President & Sister Miles, and the 32 missionaries who are training!
 Sherry with Sister and President Miles. 
First area: Freiburg with Sister Peterson!

Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19: "Being a missionary is phenomenal!"

Hi Mommy!
So many E-mails you've sent, I didn't know which one to reply to so I just decided to compose a new one! 
     Yesterday we had In-Field training.  IN FIELD TRAINING!!!!! AHHH!!!!! There was one point the instructor said that we would be doing this next week and honestly, my stomach felt like it dropped to the floor I couldn't believe it.  So many emotions, I thought there were a lot before entering the MTC but there are even more now.
     I think about how uneasy and scared I was before I got here, and the peace and happiness I felt once I arrived.  I know that's exactly how the field is going to be.  When we're doing what we're supposed to be doing and moving forward with faith in Christ, we are blessed with peace and happiness always.  I think that's one of the biggest things I'm learning while here; exactly what this life means.  We talk a lot about how when we teach our investigators we want to have a commitment that we're looking to reach by the end of the lesson.  Well isn't life the same way?  What we are trying to reach in this life is eternal life and happiness with our Father in Heaven.  That's the commitment we wish to reach.  Our life is just a bunch of lesson and learning that guides us to understand and make the commitment to get there.
     I was talking to the AWESOME SISTERS WHOM I LOVE in my district the other day about how much we feel we grow.  Every day in the MTC feels like a year, honestly.  But not for the reason that you may think.  I feel like between the time I wake up and go to sleep, I have grown in spirituality and maturity so much that I can't remember who I was when I woke up!  It's phenomenal!  Being a missionary is phenomenal!  Spending this much time learning, studying, praying, and sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ is phenomenal!
      I have come to understand who Christ is and what he's done for us so much more than before, and I know that knowledge will just keep growing.  I think my new favorite word in German (right up there with Flugzeug [airplane] and das Nilpferd [the hippo]) is die Sünhopfer.  I don't know if that's how you spell it but that's how we say the atonement auf Deutsch.  I just can't believe it. And yet I know it's true.  I know that Christ paid the price for our sins and he understands us so perfectly and so completely and so wholly.  When I ponder about what he has done, I just feel so humbled and kind of like a small grain of sand on the Oregon coast.  I know that without our Savior Jesus Christ, we are nothing.  And yet to him we are everything.  He knows us and understands us.  We have one person in this whole entire world who looks at us and sees who we really are and who we are to come.  He knows me and because of that infinite knowledge he has of who I am, he has an infinite love of me.  That's one reason why it's so important for us to love others if we wish to share the Gospel.  When we really spend the time to understand and know our fellow brothers and sisters on this earth, we can't help but love them.  When we learn to really and truly love them, we can't help but want them to see the happiness that comes ONLY through knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and who he really is.  He's not just a prophet, he is our redeemer.  He hasn't just taught us the way to live, he hasn't even just shown us how to live, because of him we DO live.  I am so grateful for Him and if I gain nothing else out of the entire 18 months I immerse myself in this service, the testimony and understanding of Christ that I've been able to grow will be sufficient.
     I'm going to miss my district so much.  I realized that when I enter the field, I will literally not have a single friend from the MTC coming!  And yet these friends are going to be some of the dearests of my entire life.  I already told Sister Choi that I'm going to come visit her in Australia!  I'll find a way :)
     I didn't attach any photos.  I wanted to but the only computers with SD card slots are in the laundry room.  I'm doing laundry around 3:50 our time and so I'm saving myself 5 minutes of E-mail time to try and send a photo or two but no promises. (It didn't work).
    I GOT PACKAGES IN THE LAST TWO DAYS!!! I have so many Candies and sweets, it's AMAZING!  I got a package from Wendy, the one from you, one from your friend Sister C. in Lindon who didn't give me an address to send a thank you note so I'm going to need that.  Just dear elder it to me.  And one from Michelle and Maggie!  The one from the Roots came today and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I really needed it this morning!  I am just so blessed to have such an outpouring of love and support from so many people.  Everyone in my district makes fun of me because I get so much mail, but I try and let it roll of my shoulders.  I am so grateful for everyone at home.  Ah, you guys don't even know how thankful I am for all of you!
     Our "investigators" are a lot of fun.  We teach Linda and Hartmut auf Deutsch and it's hard not to get frustrated.  I actually had a couple of days this week where I really was frustrated.  I have so much to say and all I can do is say it in this poor, broken, and hässlich Deutsch.  And then people say, "Oh a lot of people speak English over there anyway" and I smile, nod, and try not to get offended.  I want to speak German!  Don't you be telling me that I should use English as a crutch!  But, then something changed in me and I realized that far more than my German is the Spirit.  I am so insignificant in the conversion process.  I just deliver the message and love the people, and that's really it.  Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work.  But I've just been a little self centered about who I am in my investigators process.  Missionary work is about the investigator and God and helping them build that connection and trust in Him.  So, my German really doesn't matter.  It will come as the Lord sees fit, but I don't need to fear because I am serving him and his purposes. 
     I got an E-mail from Vora!  So I need to E-mail her back.
     Travel Itinerary, I don't know the flight number but we leave Salt Lake and arrive in AMSTERDAM, Then I have an hour until I take a short flight to Munich.  Woohoo!   It's going to be a loooong flight.  But we tracked down the other German missionaries in the cafeteria and it sounds like there's literally going to be like 30-40 German missionaries on our SLC to Netherlands flight and then everyone splits up to their flights for their missions.  It'll be hilarious if there are that many, can you just imagine?  I met some Alpine missionaries and a lot of them are from Finland and Scotland.  There are some Americans too, but it's pretty sweet to have so many Europeans in our mission.  I half wish I were going to Berlin just because I love my district so much.  But I'm sure when I arrive in the field I'll love them too.
     I love writing letters, I'm just thinking about how long this E-mail is but you know how much I love to talk.  Plus, in an E-mail, I am able to talk uninterrupted...muahahaha
     SPENCER IS TALLER THAN MICHAEL!!!!! THAT'S FLAPPING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!  I saw the picture and it almost blew my mind.  That's so funny!  How does Mike feel?  How are things with him and Kelsey?  That's awesome that him and Andy are total bff's, he's awesome.
     Oh, our branch here at the MTC is bigger than I thought but there are SO MANY POLYNESIANS and people from Latin America....It's awesome!  They love me too.  They all live in our hallway and I think they just think of me as the goofy, tall, lanky, white, American Sister.  I make them laugh so much, and laughter is the same in every language so we're all great friends.  There's one sister, I call her Sister T because I can't pronounce her last name, she's from some country I can barely pronounce and I gave her a trolli egg.  It was hilarious, she thought it tasted so weird!  Duh, she's from another culture and has never had that kind of candy!  We both started cracking up.  I love those sisters so much!  Why couldn't I go places with people like them?!  White people scare me!  But I guess that's why I'm going to Europe, huh?
     I should probably respond to some more E-mails.  As far as treats go, everyone has been sending me great stuff.  The Reese's are awesome, the trolli eggs keep comin', and I have a years supply of Starburst thanks to Wendy darling.  Gosh I love you guys so much. You are all so amazing.
     I was thinking about the Kaneens the other day randomly.  I love them so much, tell them I say hi and I love them!
     Well, that's it until next week von Deutschland!  Woop Woop!  Pray for me, being a missionary isn't a piece of cake.
I love you Mom.
Sister Henry

Hi Daddy, everyone was snickering at me because I kept on giggling out loud while reading your letter.
     I hope everything goes well with Mount Saint Helens.  I remember how nervous I was but after getting going I was so excited it was such a breeze.  I'm sure it'll be great the second time.  Yeah, I don't know about Tori doing it.  The motivation of knowing she got to go to the top of Mount Saint Helens while her sissy was gone probably won't be enough to get her up there, but you never know.  The good thing is that when she doesn't feel like doing something, she's not afraid to show it, huh?  I miss Tor glor, I love her so much!  Tell her I love her so much!
     Tehehe sorry but I just couldn't part with my hockey stick and that snowboard is the only one I feel comfortable on!  That's goood you're getting rid of stuff, you can get rid of anything that's mine (except the snowboard) because I have a feeling when I get home in 18 months I won't even know it's missing ;)  I barely remember home already and it's been what, 9 days?!  Haha I love being a missionary, Daddy.  It's just the best.  Oh man is it just the best!
     Keep me updated on the Mike and Kelsey front.  I saw an old coworker today and she's an RM that teaches here.  Sounds like she's getting married soon.  I forgot people date *gasp* and get married *big gasp*.  Why in the world would you get married when you can be a missionary?  But don't tell my married friends that, I always say, being a missionary is great but I'm sure life married is even better since as a missionary all you're teaching is about eternal families.  But what I don't tell them is that I'm thinking, you totally missed out!  But of course, they weren't meant to go on a mission.  But still, I love being Sister Henry.
     Well I wrote a ton when I emailed Mom.
Love you Daddy!!!!!
Sister Henry

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sister Henry July 12, 2013 in the MTC

Our family was able to take Elder Henry in to the MTC and visit Sister Henry, he arrived home from his mission to Porto Alegre North, Brazil the day after she entered the MTC!
I feel like between my awesome Handwritten Letter and SEEING YOU GUYS YESTERDAY!  I don't have much to write.  But I have 34 minutes still to E-mail.  They give us an hour here at the MTC which kinda stinks because I told everyone to write me handwritten letters!  So I don't have very many people to E-mail.  But that's okay!
It's funny because everyone says you have no time in the MTC but there have been a few instances where all we've done is sit around because we've been done early or something.  And now today is P-Day but the temple is closed so we're going to have a ton of study time and letter-writing time.  It's good, though, because we have our first lesson auf Deutsch tomorrow!  It's with a progressing investigator named Linda.  Well, okay, she's fake but in my mind our fake investigators are real!  And I love them!  Yay for acting, this is why theatre is so important!  Without having people act like investigators, missionaries would totally stink coming out of the MTC.  So if anyone ever tries to tease me about being a Theatre major, I'll just tell them that it is the work of Zion! 

It's so neat when you teach as a missionary, though.  If you focus all of your attention on the investigator and their needs the Spirit leads you to say the right things.  I think the biggest key to missionary work would be to just love others.  When you look at people with a lens of love, you know what they need and what they desire in life.  Everyone needs the blessings that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings.  There is not a single person on this planet who doesn't want the truth of who they are.  But we fall into a trap of trying to say their needs need to fit the Gospel, instead of letting them learn that the Gospel fits their needs.  Some people don't even know they're searching for something.  But when you look them in the eyes and listen, you are able to show them a part of themselves that they don't even know.  There's a part of everyone that wonders, ponders, and yearns.  I've been really nervous about teaching in the area that I'm going to teach because I worry no one will want to listen to me.  But it's not about people listening to the me, it's about me listening to them!  Europeans are like the smartest people in the world, for generations they're the ones who have raise philosophers, theorists, scientists, and other geniuses.  I'm so excited to be able to learn from these men and women and in return teach them the way that they can learn more of the truth they strive for!  There's no doubt in my mind and no doubt in my heart that if I am sincerely humble and full of Charity for those people, they will listen.  And I have the promise of a Father's blessing that I have the capability in me to speak to them.  Armed with the love of God and the power to invite his spirit, there is no person that I can't teach.  No heart that I can't reach!  And I sincerely with all of my being believe that.

I was meant all my life to be a missionary, I now know that.  I'm constantly full of the spirit and can feel his sanctifying power.  It's so incredible!  Never before in my life have I been happier than I am right now.  I feel like this is who I am and who I was always meant to be! 

Sister Rimmasch is my official companion!  She's from Saint George but unfortunately doesn't know the Roots.  Sister Rimmasch is super buff because she was a thrower in high school and then at UVU where she went to college.  She's awesome.  When she testifies she testifies with power.  I love her so much!  They told us missionaries the first day that if you're a good companion then you will make ALL of your companions better missionaries.  My companion is the most person in the whole entire world right now.  The things that I wish to teach and the work that I wish to do will not succeed if I'm not full of charity for her.  So my goal for my mission is to make sure that all of my companions go away from our companionships as better people than when I found them.  And I'm sure they'll all do the same for me because Sister missionaries are AWESOME!

I love being a missionary.  I know I said that before but I'm going to say it again.  They also talked to us about how every missionary was foreordained to be a missionary.  This means that before we came to this life we knew we were to serve a full-time mission.  And then when we heard the call here in this life, we had a desire to serve because of that foreordination.  I'm just grateful I put my name on the sign up sheet in the pre-existence! 
Being a good missionary is all about perspective and attitude.  Whether you're a full time missionary or not.  We can't just see people as people, we need to see them as who they are which is sons and daughters of God.  If we truly understand who they are then we won't be content with letting them go about their way stumbling in order to find the truth.  It's not enough to plant seeds, missionary work is a work of harvesting!  Truth and knowledge is such a great blessing, why wouldn't we share it with others!  But of course, as guided by the spirit.  Too often our enthusiasm or OUR desires of what we should teach overshadow what the person needs.  Missionary work truly is selfless because when done correctly it's not about the missionary at all.  It's about a child of God communicating with their Father in Heaven.  We as missionaries are just there to facilitate God's love and instruction when a teacher is needed.  Though we are essential, we are the smallest piece of the puzzle.  I think what they said specifically is an ameba (amoeba) compared to the universe.  Is that how you spell ameba?  I don't think so but you get the idea.  You can spell check that before you forward this to everyone.  Or you can just keep these awkward sentences about me knowing how to spell ameba.
I just saw Elder Nguyen who was Tyler Stoker's roommate.  Some how pass along the message to Tyler that he says hi.  I also saw Elder Shirley last night in the hallway.  I've also seen Sister Jacobsen who was a friend from EFY all those years ago.  I think that's everyone I've seen here so far.  The MTC is a small world!
Well I should probably wrap this up.  Oh I'm just so grateful to be here!  I'm also just thankful for everyone I've ever met.  People are just amazing.  Everyone on this planet is so special, important and most of all loved.  There should not be a single soul who feels unloved, that is not acceptable.  It's not fair to them!  They need to know they're accounted for and cared over by the most important and perfect being in the Universe!  You are loved! 

Especially by me, I LOVE YOU MOM!  And Daddy and Tori and Spencer and Mike!  And friends!  And family!  Granny, you are loved!  The world is just an amazing place and I am so happy to be alive and living!

Until next week!  Which will be the last E-mail from the MTC, woop woop!  I can't believe we already have in-field training in 6 days.  
Ich liebe euch!
Sister Henry  

First day at the MTC!

Hi Mom & Dad!
I’m LOVING the MTC!!!  It’s the best.  My District is me, 3 other sisters , and one elder.  They’re all going to Berlin.  Our zone is two fast tracking districts so it’s a lot of random languages and countries.
     My Lehrer (instructor) is awesome!  It’s so nice to be learning German again!  I know it’s only been a few hours but I’m supposed to be here.  The Spirit is so strong.  My room is just us four sisters from my District and we all get along great.  Our language is all about the same level and we all love German!  Sister Tolman and Sister Stringham both took a year of German at BYU and actually had my 101 teacher for 102.
     I can’t wait to teach people…but guess what?  As advanced language we don’t study the language in the MTC at all.  We can study a bit on our own but there isn’t class time dedicated!  Ah! Es wird schurer sein!  But it’ll be ok.
     I haven’t met any Alpiners and I don’t know if I will.  We advanced languagers are kinds exclusive.  Just kidding.  Only us 5 reported today speaking German.  We’re that cool.  I love German!
       All anxiety and angst is gone.  I’m supposed to be here and I love it already.  My pday is Friday, talk to you then!  I love you!
<3 Sister Henry
PS I forgot my Seattle Seahawks shirt I think, send it pleeeeeease!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

MTC Address

This is Sister Henry's Address while in the MTC:

Sister Sherry Lynda Henry
2011 N 900 E Unit 214
Provo UT 84602

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome friends!

It's Sherry here!  On Sunday July 7th, 2013 I will be set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I've been assigned to labor in the Alpine German-Speaking mission.  I'm reporting to the Provo, UT MTC July 10th and will be "fast tracked" through the language program to arrive in Munich, Germany July 24th, 2013.  While on my mission you will be able to reach me via E-mail at:

You can also reach me by snail mail!  On my mission I'll be living in different areas all over the Alps region.  My address will constantly be updated.  But if you can't find the current address, you can ALWAYS send mail to the mission home and it will find it's way to me:

Sister Sherry Henry
Alpine German-Speaking Mission
Lommelstrasse 7
81479 München

This blog will be updated every week with my letters and crazy mission stories home.  See ya in 18!