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Friday, July 12, 2013

Sister Henry July 12, 2013 in the MTC

Our family was able to take Elder Henry in to the MTC and visit Sister Henry, he arrived home from his mission to Porto Alegre North, Brazil the day after she entered the MTC!
I feel like between my awesome Handwritten Letter and SEEING YOU GUYS YESTERDAY!  I don't have much to write.  But I have 34 minutes still to E-mail.  They give us an hour here at the MTC which kinda stinks because I told everyone to write me handwritten letters!  So I don't have very many people to E-mail.  But that's okay!
It's funny because everyone says you have no time in the MTC but there have been a few instances where all we've done is sit around because we've been done early or something.  And now today is P-Day but the temple is closed so we're going to have a ton of study time and letter-writing time.  It's good, though, because we have our first lesson auf Deutsch tomorrow!  It's with a progressing investigator named Linda.  Well, okay, she's fake but in my mind our fake investigators are real!  And I love them!  Yay for acting, this is why theatre is so important!  Without having people act like investigators, missionaries would totally stink coming out of the MTC.  So if anyone ever tries to tease me about being a Theatre major, I'll just tell them that it is the work of Zion! 

It's so neat when you teach as a missionary, though.  If you focus all of your attention on the investigator and their needs the Spirit leads you to say the right things.  I think the biggest key to missionary work would be to just love others.  When you look at people with a lens of love, you know what they need and what they desire in life.  Everyone needs the blessings that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings.  There is not a single person on this planet who doesn't want the truth of who they are.  But we fall into a trap of trying to say their needs need to fit the Gospel, instead of letting them learn that the Gospel fits their needs.  Some people don't even know they're searching for something.  But when you look them in the eyes and listen, you are able to show them a part of themselves that they don't even know.  There's a part of everyone that wonders, ponders, and yearns.  I've been really nervous about teaching in the area that I'm going to teach because I worry no one will want to listen to me.  But it's not about people listening to the me, it's about me listening to them!  Europeans are like the smartest people in the world, for generations they're the ones who have raise philosophers, theorists, scientists, and other geniuses.  I'm so excited to be able to learn from these men and women and in return teach them the way that they can learn more of the truth they strive for!  There's no doubt in my mind and no doubt in my heart that if I am sincerely humble and full of Charity for those people, they will listen.  And I have the promise of a Father's blessing that I have the capability in me to speak to them.  Armed with the love of God and the power to invite his spirit, there is no person that I can't teach.  No heart that I can't reach!  And I sincerely with all of my being believe that.

I was meant all my life to be a missionary, I now know that.  I'm constantly full of the spirit and can feel his sanctifying power.  It's so incredible!  Never before in my life have I been happier than I am right now.  I feel like this is who I am and who I was always meant to be! 

Sister Rimmasch is my official companion!  She's from Saint George but unfortunately doesn't know the Roots.  Sister Rimmasch is super buff because she was a thrower in high school and then at UVU where she went to college.  She's awesome.  When she testifies she testifies with power.  I love her so much!  They told us missionaries the first day that if you're a good companion then you will make ALL of your companions better missionaries.  My companion is the most person in the whole entire world right now.  The things that I wish to teach and the work that I wish to do will not succeed if I'm not full of charity for her.  So my goal for my mission is to make sure that all of my companions go away from our companionships as better people than when I found them.  And I'm sure they'll all do the same for me because Sister missionaries are AWESOME!

I love being a missionary.  I know I said that before but I'm going to say it again.  They also talked to us about how every missionary was foreordained to be a missionary.  This means that before we came to this life we knew we were to serve a full-time mission.  And then when we heard the call here in this life, we had a desire to serve because of that foreordination.  I'm just grateful I put my name on the sign up sheet in the pre-existence! 
Being a good missionary is all about perspective and attitude.  Whether you're a full time missionary or not.  We can't just see people as people, we need to see them as who they are which is sons and daughters of God.  If we truly understand who they are then we won't be content with letting them go about their way stumbling in order to find the truth.  It's not enough to plant seeds, missionary work is a work of harvesting!  Truth and knowledge is such a great blessing, why wouldn't we share it with others!  But of course, as guided by the spirit.  Too often our enthusiasm or OUR desires of what we should teach overshadow what the person needs.  Missionary work truly is selfless because when done correctly it's not about the missionary at all.  It's about a child of God communicating with their Father in Heaven.  We as missionaries are just there to facilitate God's love and instruction when a teacher is needed.  Though we are essential, we are the smallest piece of the puzzle.  I think what they said specifically is an ameba (amoeba) compared to the universe.  Is that how you spell ameba?  I don't think so but you get the idea.  You can spell check that before you forward this to everyone.  Or you can just keep these awkward sentences about me knowing how to spell ameba.
I just saw Elder Nguyen who was Tyler Stoker's roommate.  Some how pass along the message to Tyler that he says hi.  I also saw Elder Shirley last night in the hallway.  I've also seen Sister Jacobsen who was a friend from EFY all those years ago.  I think that's everyone I've seen here so far.  The MTC is a small world!
Well I should probably wrap this up.  Oh I'm just so grateful to be here!  I'm also just thankful for everyone I've ever met.  People are just amazing.  Everyone on this planet is so special, important and most of all loved.  There should not be a single soul who feels unloved, that is not acceptable.  It's not fair to them!  They need to know they're accounted for and cared over by the most important and perfect being in the Universe!  You are loved! 

Especially by me, I LOVE YOU MOM!  And Daddy and Tori and Spencer and Mike!  And friends!  And family!  Granny, you are loved!  The world is just an amazing place and I am so happy to be alive and living!

Until next week!  Which will be the last E-mail from the MTC, woop woop!  I can't believe we already have in-field training in 6 days.  
Ich liebe euch!
Sister Henry  

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