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Monday, August 5, 2013

HOT Freiburg in August

Elder Sumsion (Who is from Idaho and went to BYU for the year before the mission), Elder Davies (Who is from Sandy and was in the same MTC group as Elder Gubler!), Joshua (We call him Josie [like the mario kart character Yoshi]), me, Sister Peterson, and Lyn who is so so so cute!

Desk with picture of Skylar in the Ensign

Emailing home!

Always loves the children.

These photos are of Sherry at the Münster

(Dropbox is working really well for getting lots of photos from her, so far! Yay!)
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PICTURES OF RACHEL AND MATT!!!!!!! Holy flap they are so cute and so married!!!! Ahhh!!!! I was actually sitting and I realized it was the day of their wedding and told everyone that "Heute werden meine Freundin und mein Freund heiraten!" I am so happy for them. AH! Can't wait until I come home and I can play with little Sherry Christensen, Sherry Rios, and Sherry Armstrong! Tehe!
     Well this keyboard that I am typing on is super sticky which is totally annoying! But anyways.
This week was fantastic! But if I could describe it one word, I would say: hot. Someone on the Straßenbahn told is it was 40 grad. That's like 104 degrees. But yay for humidity! Because at night it is so cool after the sun goes down, we get the best breezes in our bedroom when our window is open. I sleep on a little bed right next to the window. I think my jetlag finally ended a few days ago because I've been waking up 5 minutes before the alarm every morning, which is super nice.
     There were so many things I wanted to write about, but now that I'm writing, my mind is going blank! Dang keyboard is really really schwer. I guess the first thing I could share is what I did after I e-mailed you last week. The Elders from Offenburg came down to Freiburg for P-Day so we spent it as a district. We went "church shopping" and went to go look at all of the beautiful cathederals and Kirchen here. But the Evangelisch churches aren't open! If only there were more Catholics in the world! We were only able to go inside the Münster, but it's the biggest and most amazing church here. The pictures in the dropbox are of it. It's phenomenal, I want to sing inside of it so badly! Holy cow!  (Here is a Wikipedia link: You have to see it one day, you would love it. There's just a special spirit inside old churches. Some of the tapestries and things inside are older than I can even comprehend! You have to see it someday.
It was also pouring down rain that P-Day which was such a blessing. It also rained yesterday, and I don't think I've ever appreciated it so much. It is HOT here. Freiburg is one of the sunniest places here in Germany (So the Freiburgers say) but boy is it hot. But I love it because Germans don't care if you sweat!
      I wanted you to see what weekly planning is like for us. We have 13 investigators, one of the post it notes are less-actives, and then one is maybe a 3rd of our Potential Investigators to go by on. We are so busy, and with training and having an extra hour each day for that, whew it is busy. It is great though. I go to bed every night drained of Energy but full of a grateful heart!
     You probably want to hear about the language. It's improving, slowly, like a snail slowly it feels, but it is improving. The hardest part for me isn't getting the courage to talk to people, but just not being hard on myself that I make mistakes. I am really really hard on myself, especially when it comes to speaking the language. The problem is that when I doubt myself, then I don't speak. When I don't speak, then people don't get to hear about the Gospel. When they don't get to hear about the Gospel then they don't get to be as happy as I am! So moral of the story: Speak!
     Right now, the biggest obstacle to baptisms for us is coming to church. It's just hard but I also know that miracles happen. God's hand is everywhere in our lives, and if we truly have faith and ask for miracles, miracles will happen! So many times the only thing standing between us and the pouring out of the windows of heaven is our faith!
     We also have been working with getting to know the members better. For some reason we have felt like our focus needs to be here right now. It's a lot scarier to give up "missionary worktime" and do a service project for a strong member family instead. But then I think of Daddy and Spence going on splits, and how we never get lessons with members, here. Maybe that's the key to the explosion of baptisms that Freiburg is about to have. Maybe members are our Key!
     Wow this keyboard is killing my fingers. Ugh! Oh did you see that picture of my desk? It's just always nice to have a friendly face greet me when I go to study. Can you show it to Skyler? hehe
I'm just trying to think of more things to let you know. You'll have to read my journal after the mission because it has all of the great details. I've been really good at writing in my journal.
I want you to know how much I love you. And how much I love everyone at home. I am so grateful for such amazing friends and family. I miss all of you. Not in a way that makes me sad and want to go home, but in a way that just reminds me how much I love you. Germany is awesome and I love everyone here as well. Oh, I love it here in Freiburg. There is no other place I'd rather be here on this Monday than sitting here at this dumb sticky keyboard E-mailing you.
     Oh, the picture of us with the See! We went down to Titisee to help a member move but it fell through because apparently here in Germany the delivery system is really bad at delivering like tables and furniture and stuff. But we were stuck there for a while because it's an hour train ride so we were able to have an unexpected almost P-Day! That is a picture of us with the Titisee in the backgound and in the photo are Elder Sumsion (Who is from Idaho and went to BYU for the year before the mission), Elder Davies (Who is from Sandy and was in the same MTC group as Elder Gubler!), Joshua (We call him Josie [like the mario kart character Yoshi]), me, Sister Peterson, and Lyn who is so so so cute! German kids are the best because being a kid spans all languages. I remember being young and just absolutely idolizing the missionaries like Elder Smith and Elder Lambeth. It's fun playing with kids as a missionary.
     We also did service for die Familie Banks. They are so awesome and I had the best home made Jam ever! It was so good, it was made with Johannes berries and they are so good! They have a girl who is 13 and she is literally Tori's German twin. It was such a tender mercy to get to know her, because I felt like I was talking to my little sis. I love Tori!
     Well, I'm going to go but I will talk to you all next week. I love you so much. I am so grateful to be here on a mission. I am so humbled that the Lord saw me fit to preach his Gospel.
Ich habe dich lieb!!!
Sister Henry


  1. Guten morgen! <--- I probably spelled that wrong! ;p

    Missing you! Keep up the good work!
    <3 Siarra Nielsen

  2. What a wonderful missionary and a wonderful letter!!! Love her cute personality :)


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