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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miracles..and Bees on Crack.

Liebe Familie,
I am so sorry that I couldn't send and email this week. We just didn't have any time because we are doing something fun! But the cool thing is just imagine me looking out of a big train window at the beautiful Southern Germany countryside as I write this...because that is literally what I am doing.
First of all, I want you to know that our Wohnung (apt) is where bees come to die. The other night Sis Peterson and I were brushing our teeth with the window open when we heard an awful buzzing. We knew a bee had entered the premises. But this was no ordinary bee, it was a bee on crack. It was slamming into walls, flying in swirls and loops and just going crazy. He then landed on the floor and started spinning around faster than a tip! It was the weirdest thing, it looked like one of the ose fireworks of Fourth of July that spin reaally fast. We didn't know what to do, so I finished up brushing my teeth, left the bathroom, and trapped Sis Peterson in with the Bee of Death. Well, I call it the Bee of Death because the next morning there the bee was on the ground struggling for breath...that is...if bees breathe. Sister Peterson then stomped on it with a shoe and put it out of its misery.
I also got to experience transfer calls for the first time this past week! It was so ganz toll! (really great!) On Thursday night we put the Elders on Speakerphone and guess who is going where by flipping through our scriptures. It was hilarious!
Obviously Sister Peterson and I are staying together, and we are so excited to have another Sister companionship in our District! It's going to be an awesome and exciting transfer, I can feel it! Also we get to "kill" Elder Stricklin, so we are already planning the "funeral." (he is going home in 6 weeks, and in missionary tradition that is "dying.")
District Sister Finding Day
 But of course, the mission is also about miracles. Boy have we seen some this week! On Saturday we had nothing planned as Saturdays are usually district finding days, but we didn't have one planned. So we decided to have our own "District Sister Finding Day." We had some potential investigators that live far out and we haven't been able to take care of them. So we decided to go take care of the people we have before we expect more! We found another potential before lunch! On our way to our first house. And then we got to the house and were greeted by the cutest Nigerian family. The father is such a miracle. We went in and taught a ‘lesson zero’ and it was so cool! He told us he wasn’t ready before but tha the is ready to come to our church and learn from us now. His brother is a member in Switzerland. Sunday he brought his family to Church and LOVED IT! They have the cutest little girl, you have to see a picture.
Sherry & 2 year old D.
We then went to an area called Schallstadt to go by on some more potentials and saw another big miracle. We got a call from a member who told us his wife was sick and we needed to come over. We were confused since the Elders give priesthood blessings, not us! He asked where we were so he could come and pick us up and we told him we were in Schallstadt. It turns out we had been contacting across the street from them. We thought there weren't any members in thea area, and lo and behold, the one family there was also the one that needed us! The wife teaches Primary but wouldn't be able to come on Sunday. She couldn't find anyone to do it and was praying that she would find someone. She had to ask everyone for our number as she didn't have it. But she got it, and we happened to be across the street and able to be the answer to her prayers!
Sister Peterson ended up teaching the lesson so I could be in the investigator class with Vanna. But it's okay because I got to play with P's little 2 year old D. in Sacrament. =) Oh, and it was fun singing in Sacrament meeting. I just love being a missionary and know that as I use my talents, I am serving Him.
I love you so much family. I miss you all a ton but I also know I am where I am supposed to be. I love this work and am constantly humbled to think the Lord sees me fit to represent Him.
I love you!
Sister Henry

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