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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just kidding, pday changed to Wednesday!

Must be too busy doing this!
She had a matter pending for her BYU account that she gave me the incorrect password for the week before, it needed attended to so I contacted the mission office and I heard from her mission president's wife with this sweet message:
Hello Sister Henry-
I just talked to President Miles about this matter and he said it would be alright for (young) Sister Henry to go ahead and take care of what ever she needed to on the computer on her BYU account. So I will call her right now and tell her she can get on that as soon as possible.
We'll let you know if there is anything else needed from you.
We sure love your daughter! She is so happy and just ready and willing to do anything in this great work. She is like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for lending her to us for a while!!!
Love & blessings- Sister Miles
She has such loving people to watch over her!

Update:  When she took care of her BYU stuff that she gave me the wrong LOGIN for (haha), she sent me this!  Made my week!  
And by the way, I am counting it a tender mercy. I get to email you today AND tomorrow. But I will be emailing really early because we are going to do something FUN tomorrow! I LOVE YOU TOO MOMMY! I want you to know you are the most phenomenal and great and beautiful role model I could ever ask for and I love you. Never forget you are the best Mom in the world and I know I am who I am because I was blessed with a Mom like you.


  1. This is really Alice (not Sister Gracie!) I just had to say how wonderful her last words in this note to you were! Every mom who strives so hard to raise her kids right deserves to hear those kind of words and I'm so glad your beautiful sweet daughter told you!

  2. Alice, she wasn't the most fun teenager all the time toward her mom, we are a lot alike, so these letters hold a very special place in my heart--and that I didn't have to wait too many years to hear them is extra special!


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