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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Photo plethora!

I have 7 minutes, aka like no time this week so here's what's going to have to happen :(
I have a train ride to Offenburg and will write my weekly letter as snail mail and you should get it in a week and a half. By then you'll have another Email but at least you won't miss out on the awesome things of this week!  (Some Q&A at the end of this post)
Click on the photos to see larger.

The picture of the tower is from a castle from the 12 century! It's all that's left! It's in Lahr.
One just waiting for the stra├čenbahn, kinda cool.

We have a "personal touch" (service) game going on where we do nice things for others in the district and Elder Stricklin got me my little pig that I am now obsessed with. I named it Larry after him. It's so cute!

Some cool random statues in Freiburg, I have no idea how old they are. It's funny because the Germans don't realize how flapping sweet they are! So cool.

We ate at McDonalds and I felt like I owned the place!

  We made a little flower bouquet for Sister Bignall. Super cute.

My cute German outfit for church. She sang "How Great Thou Art" in Sacrament Meeting.  
Random Q & A from Mom

-Do you need to buy a new bag?
I don't have to buy a shoulder bag, just if my backpack breaks or something, I can't buy another back pack.
-How is the food?
I love the food! I eat gourmet, fresh, delicious meals all of the time!
-did you get the verb book we send via
-winter coat, are there thrift stores with them there? etc
I haven't looked yet
-are you going to find a dirndl?
I hope so!
-do you need anything?


  1. Doesn't matter if she writes 1000 words or 100…she is a DOLL and such a darling missionary! Love the cute pictures and her wonderful fun personality.

  2. Yea! I have been waiting for this post! Those pictures are awesome! She is personality plus! I love her German outfit.


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