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Monday, September 9, 2013

Rodenbahn pday and Birthday Happiness

Okay, the moment you have all been waiting for. What did I do for Pday last week that was so important that I didn't get to write a big Email?
     On our train ride to Singen, we go by a little Stadt called Hausach. Right before this Stadt is a a thing called a Rodenbahn. Have you ever heard of the Alpine Slide in Park City? It sounds like it is the same thing. So for our last Pday as a district, we decided to find out how to ride this little ride, and ride it we did! It was so fun and surprisingly inexpensive!
    It was pretty hilarious, though, because we had to make a trek to get there! It was probably a 45 minute walk from the train station, but worth every step! I am thoroughly convinced that no missionary could have a more fun P-Day activity. And I don't know if you saw the pictures...but it was Gorgeous!
So it was a great way to end a wonderful first transfer here in Freiburg. 
Beautiful Deutschland (click on photos to see larger

     Yesterday was my birthday, and it was awesome! I felt such an outpouring of love! First of all, I loved the card you sent to me, Mom. I read it the night before my birthday and thank you so much, I really needed to just feel that overwhelming mommy love. (I sent a mushy gushy mommy card--the kind she usually doesn't like--and a funny one too) 

The "twins" in their matching Supermissionary Tee-shirts
     My actual birthday was awesome too. But a little tough. We haven't been able to get in contact with Vanna (name changed) this week, well we got in contact once but the actual appointment fell through. We were supposed to have a lesson and then after waiting 15 minutes, she came down and she had to go to Bahnhof. It really was a tender mercy to just see her. We scheduled an appointment for the next day and she didn't answer. Then, we went to pick her up for church again and once again no answer. I am just worried, I hope everything is Okay. She is so fragile, and I don't want her to have to go so long without us being able to uplift her!
     Fortunately, as we were walking away from her Wohnung on our way to church, our phone rang and it was our Zone leaders, Elder Janis and Chapman. There is nothing that will lift a Sister Missionary's day than hearing two Elders singing Happy Birthday on the phone! When we got to church, Bruder H had come! We meet with him every week, his wife is a member and he's been investigating for a while. He's had Urlaub and was able to come, and you could just tell how happy he was to be there! We were so happy he was there too. Ah, it was great. I've never had such a testimony of the happiness and upliftment that comes from going to church on Sunday. It is such a blessing to have that time every week to just be surrounded by people who love us, hearing words that uplift us.
      The members did awesome remembering my birthday! Schwester B got me a little present with my favorite treats, the Bishops Daughters gave me some peanut butter, I got a bajillion cards from people, and V made me a card. She is the girl in the picture with me, she is 13 years old and Tori's German Twin. She doesn't know English so there's no way for the two to communicate, but she and Tori would get along so well!
      After Church, we went over to the C's home and had Pizza and then a little Birthday Party! They made the most delicious Plum cake and then I got to blow out the candles and they sang happy birthday and everything! It was so wonderful, I felt so much love!

      Then, last night, I got a phone call from the Sisters in Singen, the Offenburg Elders, and Sister Miles all singing happy birthday to me! Afterwards, I opened up presents, and I just felt such an outpouring of love!
      We spent a lot of our week up in Lahr prepping the new apartment for the Sisters and so it left us a little flustered the rest of the week. Also, this week was full of a lot of appointments falling out, and it just wasn't super easy.

      I think in every one's life they go back and forth between being the servant and being the one to be served. I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to serve and lift each other here in this life. I felt so much love, and so taken care of this week. I know that the Lord knows me, and he takes care of me. But I also know that God takes care of us through other people. Next time you think God isn't there, that he doesn't care for you, take your eyes off the sky and look to your left or to your right. God answers our prayers through other people. We are here on this world to serve, uplift, and care for each other. Too often we ignore the angels that are placed in our lives because they're wearing tennis shoes and T-Shirts. But I know that God works through his children to take care of his children.
And now, the tough week is over. The storm has gone and it is time for me to lace up my cute, brown, leather missionary shoes and get back to work! Freiburg is ready, these people need to hear this message! There is hope and the only thing that is keeping them from it is the speed at which I can speak! I am ready to change these people, change this city, and change the world! That is what I am here to do, and I am going to do it!
      I love you all so much, I know I am where I am to be. I know God has put us where we are for a reason, he is in our lives, we just need to acknowledge him.
I love you so much, mommy. You are the best.
Sister Henry

Happy Happy Birthday Daddy dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be, a happy happy Birthday to you from Germany!
     I just wanted to send you a special Birthday Email because you are the best Dad ever. There have been so many times in my life that you have taught me words of wisdom that have really stuck. I don't realize how much they have stuck until I realize I am sharing those words of wisdom with others.
      The first thing is that you have always taught me that we make money to spend it on others. That is something that I absolutely live by, Dad. I didn't realize how profound this teaching was until I started living with other people. Without even knowing it, so many people feel like they need to in a way hoard what they have, that it is theirs and I suppose that is justifiable. But you have taught me that money doesn't mean squat unless it is used to make someone happy. Because of that, I have never had to think twice about giving a gift, I have never had to think twice about buying something just to lift someone's day. I specifically remember you saying to me that you make money to spend it on us, your family. I want you to know I plan on teaching that to my children, and them teaching their children, and passing it down through the generations.
      Another thing you have taught me is to love others. I remember when I was little and we were going to go to the Into The Woods musical production with your friend Michelle. I remember you sitting Mike and I down and teaching us about the Proclamation to the family and then explaining why Michelle was Michelle (her name used to be Michael, she was a transgender person Damon worked with before her change). I then remember feeling a little uncomfortable because I didn't understand, but then I saw how you and Mom still loved Michelle even though she had made choices that you knew weren't right. Because of that, I am able to be here in another country and love people the same way. You really have taught me that man can love the sinner while still understanding the seriousness of the sin.
      You have also taught me what it means to sit back and ponder life. I feel like you are so good at looking at the window and thinking, and then sharing those thoughts and teaching others. I just think you are the wisest and smartest guy in the world, Dad. You're spiritual insight is the best in all of the world. I admire you so much, and I treasure every truth and every insight you share.
      I just think you really are the best. You are my big bad, can do anything Dad and I am so grateful for you. I am so grateful for the parent you are for us. Gosh Dad, I just love you so much. You really are my hero and I hope you understand how phenomenal of a Dad you are.
Happy Birthday!
Sher Bear

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  1. Exuberant! She is just exuding joy and enthusiasm and testimony. I was tickled to read that Sister Miles called her on her birthday. I was surprised that they had to do so uch work to get the new aparment ready. I guess I never thought about that before.


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