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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fufu in Germany!

Okay, so since S is Nigerian it is actually called Puree but it is the same stuff as Fufu. Different countries in Africa call it different things, make it a tiny bit differently, and then put their sauce on it. The sauce wasn't too spicy...until after about 5 seconds. My mouth was only a little on fire. I sent home a picture, the woman is S, De is the little boy with his arm up, H is the smallest one, and then Di is the one with me. DISCLAIMER: She is not on my lap, it just looks like she is.

Unfortunately, my investigators haven't been making the progress they need to to be baptized, but that is okay. I have been learning a lot about patience as a missionary. The fact is that, I am not in control of anything. Through studying the plan of salvation, so many aspects of missionary work just make sense. When we understand why we are here, we understand why things are hard, why things aren't happening, why we need to do certain things. We know what blessings are, we know what trials are, and we know who we are. I think about how great The Book of Mormon is, how great the hope we gain from a knowledge of latter day prophets, but the single most important doctrine for people to learn about from us is WHY we are here.

The plan of salvation is not just a piece of what we believe, the plan of salvation is what we believe. I am so grateful for the peace and hope I have from learning about it, and that peace and hope is why I am not discouraged one bit that things aren't happening on my time scale. This life is much more than me.

So you have all probably been thinking, "Man, I guess the old men have just stopped hitting on Sister Peterson and Henry." Ha! If only! Just the other day we were walking down the sidewalk after an appointment with a recent convert and there was a sweet old man in a wheelchair on the side of the sidewalk. We said our unified sing-songy "Hallo!" and then he looked at us a second too long. It's so funny, if people take an extra 2 seconds of eye contact to say hello, they don't realize what they just did. Because then we catch them and ask how they are doing, then they take the discussions, then they are converted, then they are baptized, then they receive the gift of the holy ghost, then they are sealed eternally in the temple, then they die and are exalted.

All because they held eye contact for 2 extra seconds with the missionaries!

But anyways, we asked how this man was doing and proceeded to chit chat. But he gave us an "up-down" and then talked about how it was such a bummer he was so old. That's when we cut the testimonies, hold on to our pass-along cards, and keep walking.

Old men should be the missionaries of the church, they definitely have mastered the art of boldness.

Oh dang! I don't have much more time!

So the other day it was raining and it was just absolutely gorgeous. There are just some times where I am here and think about how I am totally living a Fairytale. But I know it's not because I am living in Germany. It's not just because I am far away from home doing things I would have never imagined. My life is a Fairytale because of the Gospel. I know what choices are the right choices to make, and because I make those choices, my life is blessed. When we do the right things, our lives will be Fairy tales. This Gospel is the path to happiness. If you don't know that yet, find out. If you do know that, then tell someone else. I don't know why in the world we are so afraid to spread happiness!

I love you all. All of the emails, letters, love from my friends and family back home do more than any of you could know. I read and treasure each one. They get me through some tough times. I am so grateful for all of you. Stay beautiful. I love you all so much.
God loves us. We are his children. I know it. I want everyone else to know it. It is such a happy day when someone learns who they are.
I love you!
Sister Henry

About General Conference: "I didn't want it to end. I have never felt so spiritually thirsty before. It flew by. 6 hours on Sunday, and yet it flew by. My body was tired but I didn't want it to end. It was the coolest thing. All I want to watch on TV when I get home is old conferences. I loved it."

About the photos this week:   "Look at my pictures! We went to a ruin called Schneeburg. Oh we also saw a Nazi bunker on our hike up to the castle ruin."


  1. Laughing and crying with this post! Just what I needed today! She is doing missionary work here too...

  2. And they learned the plan of happiness all because they looked at the missionaries for two seconds two long. Sounds like Ammon---wise, yet harmless. Loved this!


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