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Monday, October 28, 2013

Thanks for putting me in Little League Soccer....

She loves her cars--this is a Lotus

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thanks for putting me in Little League Soccer...except you didn't.

As a missionary, you have promised to dedicate your whole life to this work, especially your talents. The only problem is...what if you have not talent?

Last week we were walking down the street when we saw a cute older German man putting his glass bottles in the recycling. He had a soccer ball by his bag, and so Sister Woods asked if he likes to play. His face lit up right then and he told us he and a group play together every Saturday and Wednesday. He then told us he was on his way and that he would love to introduce us to his friends! Cool! What a great opportunity to meet people!

We went over to the Soccer Pitch and standing there were 5 other older German men. They were so cute, and invited us to play. We were in our Skirts but we promised them we would come the next week and try to bring some friends so they had enough people.

Flash forward to Saturday. We show up to play and there are literally 15 other people there. I look to the left, Turkish man doing all these crazy foot tricks, look to the right, German man doing a bunch of other tricks with the soccer ball, look forward and another man blocking all of the super aggressive shots from his friend who also just looks like a pro.

I think this is the point where my knees started to wobble...

But, we started to play anyway.

Sister Woods is a great Soccer player, don't let her tell you otherwise. It was so fun to watch her use her talents and to shine, she even made a really cool play where she bounced the ball off of her head toward the goal but it unfortunately got blocked. Everyone was going crazy, it was so cool!

Oh and then there was me, in the corner, running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I only knew two rules to the game. I don't want the ball to go this direction, and we want it to go into the goal in that direction. I kicked it a couple of times.

Fortunately I was playing defense. And now I can say that I have played Soccer against a player for the Romania Women's international team...because she was there playing too. No big deal.

People told me that I would be facing fears on my mission. I just didn't expect Soccer to be one of them.

Pictures from Hauptfriedhof. I wish the scaffolding weren't on the chapel. Germans know their cemeteries. Let me tell ya, Phantom of the Opera's graveyard scene must have been based off of here.

But it was great. No wondrous miracles seemed to come out of that day, but it was one of those moments where you are really proud of yourself because you did something hard. I learned that if you want to feel more worthwhile, if you want to feel like a better person, go out and do something you would never do. Go out and do something hard! I promise that when we do hard things, we give ourselves the opportunity to become our dream selves. To become who we want to be.

There are these candys here called Kinderüberraschungeier or "Children's suprise eggs" and inside of them it gives a little toy. We bought some disney princess ones and guessed who our princessess would be and we both got it right! Mine was Rapunzel (yes!) and Sister Woods guessed Belle! It was awesome.

I found a Smurf!

I really do love being here. I don't have much more to write for this week, which I am sorry about. We have been seeing so many miracles here in Freiburg, but I also feel like right now is the calm before the storm. Right now is the time full of seemingly-ordinary days which are preparing us for wondrous blessings ahead!
At the park with Josie, from Peru, and Peru is now on Sis Henry's "to visit" list!

the cat turned it's bum to the camera just at the wrong time, I thought it was funny!

Studying Jesus the Christ and keeping my feet warm

I love you all so much. I love you so much. I can't say it enough. I am so grateful to be here and to be a missionary. It is so hard to describe, and it's impossible to explain how it feels to be here and doing this. But just imagine who you have always wanted to be...and then being it. It is phenomenal. I love it!

Keep being your best selves. I love you!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Henry

PS from emailing back and forth with Sis Henry: 

Our investigators just need that desire!  It is so hard!  I just know now what it means to be lukewarm. There is just no dynamic in their lives, no desire to take that step and read in the Book of Mormon, or to come to church, or to just take action!  It is so sad.  :(  I love these people so much but I can only do so much for them!
I LOVE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Chatmans sent me some and so did Sister Fishers primary class.  So I am going to buy a ton of post cards today and send them.  That is what we are doing with our pday.  I am super excited.
I love getting post cards!  I got one from my MTC companion and now I will have two on the wall because I got the crater lake one!
Oh and tell Jokke congrats for me!  I met his fiancé while I lived at Southridge, she is awesome.
I loved the story of Jessica Chatman from the Deseret News.  So cool!
 (I asked about the new elder and the other missionaries in their district) The Offenburg elders (Davies & Packer) are great ,we love them.  I love our Freiburg Elders so much, they are seriously our brothers.  This morning Elder Kingery and Elder Stuart called us at like 6:30 and we ended up chit chatting for like a half an hour.  Which wasn't the most obedient becase we were supposed to be doing fruhsport but it was fun.  
Please send some crunchy peanut butter!
Autumn in Germany is so gorgeous!

McDonalds has a gym here called Mcfit. Thought that was hilarious.


  1. Her stories and pictures sure have me longing to be a missionary again in Germany….what joy exudes from Sister Henry in ALL things..even from the picture of the cats..:)

  2. She is so good to take pictures! I bet she was great at keeping journals at home! She will forget very little about her mission with the way she documents everything in words and pictures! Love it!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I could ffeel her love and her faith and her joy.


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