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Monday, November 4, 2013

Lessons in a Weinberg, I must be in Germany.

This week was a really great one. It is getting a little strange to email home, now. I think I am reaching that phase. That true missionary phase. There are two factors which have lead me to determine this.
     Factor 1: I am starting to forget what life was like before the mission. I can't comprehend what I did with free time, what netflix is, and what it feels like to sleep without an alarm.
     Factor 2: Sister Woods gave my hair a trim. having your companion cut your hair defines a true missionary.
     So, yes. I am sure that one day I will spend time enduring the awkward returned missionary phase.
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They say that as a missionary, you learn a lot about yourself. I don't think anything could be more true. I have learned so many lessons of who I am in different situations.
     For example, before my mission I was never walking down an elevated cobblestone path with trees full of at least 100 pigeons beside me. I could have never answered the question of what I would do in this situation, because I was never in this situation. But alas, this last Sunday morning, I was in that very situation. I look to my left and just see pigeon upon pigeon upon pigeon. Sunday mornings in Freiburg are pretty dang quiet. There is literally no one out on the street at like 8, when we are going to church. I just couldn't hold it in. I yelled as loud as I could and ran toward the pigeons.
     I can't even begin to describe the awesome scene before my eyes. Dozens of pigeons start flying in a big huge circle around us. It was so cool. Only then did I realize pigeons pooped and unlike Sister Woods, I wasn't using an umbrella. So a ran out from underneath the circle of pigeons and we continued on our merry way.

     One thing I love about Sister Woods is just how we seem to be the same person inside. One of our investigators, Bruder H, I think I told you about him.  We decided to think out side of the box and plan on having a lesson in a vineyard! Naturally, they live in the cutest dorf in Kaiserstuhl, so we asked if there was anywhere in the näher we could walk to. There happened to be a bench at the top of a nearby hill, so we had the most gorgeous walk on the most gorgeous autumn day in the most gorgeous countryside. It was so fun!
      The best part was just the spirit that was felt in the lesson. I realized how it must have been hearing from the Savior teach outside in the rolling hills near Galilee. There is just something so special to talk of God, learn of God, and be surrounded by the beauty of God. It was just so cool, and I know the idea to do that lesson that day didn't come from me, didn't come from Sister Woods, it came from God.
     Man, my life is like a movie! I am in Europe!
     I feel like I haven't changed at all, that I am still the same person. But I think that just goes back to my first point this week, I can't remember who I was before. I can't remember what it feels like to be Sherry because I am Sister Henry! It is so cool, I am so grateful! There is nothing that will give us more joy than letting ourselves be refined through the refiners fire. By letting God shape us into who we were always meant to become. It is definitely a process that takes not only all of this life, but eternity. There is so much progress being made, but so much more to go! And that is okay. The most important thing I have learned from my friends on missions is this, and it applies to you, "Your family is pulling for you. Your friends are pulling for you. And the Savior is pulling with you."
     I know this is so true. What I am doing, what we are all doing, centers on Jesus Christ. If there is one thing I know, it is that he lives, and that he love us. He provided us a way to happiness and he wants us to learn of him. He wants us to come to him. His arms are wide open. He loves us so much!
I am so grateful for my Savior and for the lessons he is teaching me as his servant. I am so grateful for these people who I am able to meet here in Germany. All I want for them is to learn of their Savior, for them to feel this happiness as well.
     I love you so much! Keep being wonderful. I am so grateful for the letters and emails and support from home. It means so much more than you could know!
Have a great week!
Liebe Gruße,
Sister Henry
We borrowed the Elder's bicycles, and discovering they were men's bikes and not conducive to skirts, their basketball shorts too for pday.
Dear Daddy,
Mom told me all about your little day date. You are such a good Dad!
I      went to Maryhill museum once, when I was a freshman. I remember it being just kinda random and really wanting to eat a sandwich from the cafe. Actually I think I did eat one and I really liked it.
     It was so weird to see how sunny it is! The weather here is totally like home, it's awesome. Cold dark and rainy. The nice thing is that getting out of bed as a missionary is way easier than as a snot nosed seminary teenager. I love falling asleep to the pit patter of the rain, ah, it's great.
     We stole the Elders bikes for the day. It made me thing about you, you would be so jealous of our super nice street bikes. It's pretty cool biking around Germany, you really feel like a local.
     I can't believe you might be in Utah for Christmas. That is just so crazy. You are only allowed to do that this year. I refuse to have a not NW Christmas when I come home. Mostly just because of the Christmas in the Northwest song.
     I miss family videos! They are so fun!
I love you daddy! I am happy to be here, but of course the only thing that could make me happier is having all of you with me here. I love you so much!
     Have a great week,
Sher the bear.
The Elders got us a Halloween gift!!

Elder Kingery, Elder Stuart, Sister Woods, Sister Henry
With the Elders at a lesson (Elder Davies their District Leader is on the far right, must have been on an exchange)

Cute table setting for us!

I thought the Canadian flag garland was cute!

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  1. What a delightful experience to have a lesson in the hills overlooking the beautiful valley. She may be surrounded by pigeons, but surely the German pigeons are much more beautiful than their American counterparts. Sister Henry is becoming a "new creature." I can feel the refinement she feels.


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