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Monday, December 30, 2013

I looked out the window and what did I see....

Wearing the Santa pin my Artist's Club coworker & friend MaryJo Tuttle painted
Feliz Germany!

....A pigeon standing there and looking back at me!

This week, I have been perfecting my pigeon call.  I taught myself how to coo like a pigeon, after hearing one outside of our window down on the Ganter Bier sign on the corner.  I guess it has been working because today during Sprache study, I all of a sudden heard familiar cooing but it was a lot louder.  I look over AND THERE IS A FLAPPING PIGEON ON OUR WINDOWSILL!!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it, I almost died of happiness.  I frantically reached over and grabbed my camera as quick as I could!  Don't worry, I sent home the pictures.

It's actually pretty funny, my fascination with pigeons.  I promise it stems out of something more than just a little fad.  
There's a little gang that hang out on the roof of the building across the street.  I look over at this dorky little group of pigeons just standing there hanging out doing nothing but looking doofy. 

Then, sometimes when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I look out the window and start watching them.  It makes me start to laugh and feel better. They just remind me that, no matter how scary, stressful, or hard life is, there are still always doofy looking pigeons hanging out on the other side of the street. 

 It's my tender reminder that says, "Hey Sister Henry, don't take life so seriously." 

So yes, I love pigeons!

It was so great to call home!  So wonderful, I loved talking to everyone.  Sorry I talked so much, but you know how I am.
I think the coolest part was after I got off the call.  I walked down the stairs to the living room and just a flood of happiness washed over me.  Ever since coming here, my biggest fear is that I wouldn't become a consecrated missionary.  That I would miss home the whole time and just get here to start counting down the days until I get home. My goal was to leave the mission so that if I had the opportunity to ask Christ for anything I want, like the 3 Nephites I would ask to stay and do the work.
Christmas Eve with some of the beautiful ladies in the ward

She totally looks German!
Anyways, that has been a fear that's sort of just been simmering on the back burner for a long time.  But then, after I got my taste of home and talked to you, I realized how much I love being here and how much my life really is here!  It's been so cool because at no point have I felt like I have said goodbye to you.  I think about you all at home often and pray for my friends and family that I've left behind. 

But, I also realized that I really am Sister Henry.  I love being here and being a missionary so much!  I love walking down the street and stopping people by saying "Hallo!" and smiling at them!  I love teaching people the doctrines I hold so dearly, and learning from the testimonies of those I teach!  Being a missionary is just the best!

One of my favorite Pinterest quotes is the one that is like, "Isn't it great to think that some of the best days of your life haven't happened yet?"  
  Sister Woods and I hate filling out progress records because it is boring.  Last night we had to, so then I told Sis W. "Hey, don't worry, give me 5 seconds and I'll make it fun!"  I ran out into the other room and grabbed our sombreros and all of a sudden, filling out progress records became fun!

I definitely think I felt that way before the mission.  I couldn't have comprehended how much joy and happiness I would feel here.  I just didn't know!  And I can't comprehend the happiness that lies ahead, but I know it is there!  The future is so exciting and the best part is, when we live for eternity, we get the present in the deal!  The more I focus my life on living worthily to spend eternity with my loving Father in Heaven, the enjoyable the moment becomes!  

We are so blessed to be here and be alive!  Each day truly is a treasure if we just smile and take a deep breath of fresh air.  I am so grateful for this beautiful life God has given to me, and I know he wants to bless everyone with happiness.  We just have to choose to be happy, which means we just need to choose to follow him.

We will find no greater happiness than that which we find through knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His atonement makes it possible for all of us, REGARDLESS of circumstances, to be happy.  I know that is true!

I love you all so much.  I want you all to be happy.  Please let yourself be happy.  Study, seek, and learn.  Learn about Jesus Christ and his atonement.  I know it will bring you peace, because it has brought peace to me.

I love you so much!

Hurrah for a new year!  A chance to set a goal to study our scriptures more! ;)


Sister Henry
PS Saturday is an exciting day, Sister Woods & I get to go to the Bern Switzerland Temple!!!  Can you send me some of the pictures of Daddy and I climbing Mt. St. Helens? I am talking about Enduring to the End for our district meeting tomorrow.
More of the Feliz Navidad party with the Freiburg District and their Nerf Guns

Elder Davies and Elder Kingery
Uh oh...Sister Davies, they are holding him captive and don't want to release him as District Leader!


Sister Woods got her Superman bedding!  PERFECT.

Sister Woods dropped the

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