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Monday, December 9, 2013

Like out of a fairytale, the Black Forest Hunter: Photos from trip to the Schwarzwald

Click on the photos to enlarge!  This post is especially for Grandma and Grandpa Nichols!
I decided these needed their own post!  From her letter:
"Pictures in Titisee, Lenzkirch, and surrounding areas.  Bruder W, the man, is from a family that has been in Schwarzwald for over 200 years.  He's a real Schwarzwälder.  All of the areas around there are his hunting grounds and he gave us a tour.  It was so cute because he would stop the car, and look at tracks, and tell us what it was.  His wife takes the furs of what he kills and makes teddy bears some times, coats, etc.  She is from the Philippines and is just amazing.  She is the cutest thing ever."
      From Sister Woods account of the trip:  "First off, last p-day was a crazy adventure! I found out that a guy in our ward is a legit German schwarzwald hunter!  His family has been living in the schwarzwald for over 200 years and he has been given land by a prince of some sort to hunt on. We went up to Titisee and he and his wife showed us around! it was so fun! and they are just the cutest couple ever! also, his conversion to the church took 28 years and then when his oldest son got back from his mission he was finally ready to be baptized, which means he gave up drinking with his hunting buddies and all the other things he did with those he hung around. it was so touching! and just so cool to see how much these two people can love each other and how dedicated they are to the gospel of Jesus Christ!
    So last week's p-day is shown in pictures where Sister Henry and I are posing with Br. W and wearing his hunting hats decorated with different hunting pins!"

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