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Monday, December 16, 2013


Freiburg District sisters at Christmas Conference!

Always singing or talking...

Christmas Conference! Freiburg Zone!
With two of her favorite girls from Freiburg Ward!

Sister Drury and I tausched (exchanged) this week so this is our Tausch picture
Hi Daddy, I am so happy you wore your tie! (She made him a Christmas tie last year) I am so excited to skype for Christmas. Make sure Mom doesn't get stressed, I told her about how I only have 40 minutes and I think she put a mountain of pressure on herself because of that. Let her know she will have her quality time with her sher bear.
     The weather here has been awesome. It's sunny all the time. I am pretty lucky to be spending winter here in Freiburg, I've heard other places in Germany aren't as lucky. hehe
     Man, how did Tori and Spencer turn out to be so good? I am so proud of both of them. I am also so glad you and Mom are my parents. I feel so lucky to have been raised in a home where my parents love, support, and try to gross us out by kissing so much. But in all seriousness, I am so grateful for you, Daddy.
     Oh, I was thinking back the other day to how you used to do interviews with us on Fast Sunday. I am so glad you did that with us! Those are definitely treasured memories for me.   
I love you Daddy! Stay warm! Thanks for emailing me such good emails every week. I love you!
Sher bear

Merry Christmas!

Dear Mom, family, and friends,
So, there are flying high days and grind days as a missionary. Flying high days are the ones where you just want to talk with everyone on the street you are so happy and so excited about the gospel! Those days are the best, because you not only get work done, but you are so excited and happy to do the work! I love these days! They are the best.

But there are also grind days. You wake up and you realize the thing that will make the day worthwhile or not is your willpower and prayer. Unlike the Flying High days where you feel like you will burst with the spirit you are so inspired, these sort of days seem like you are walking uphill both ways, in thick fog and just a light wind breaker for a jacket. The important thing about those days is that you keep walking and maybe sing a song to yourself so you don't look depressed or scared when people glance at your name tag.

Anyways, I was having a day like that this past week when I just didn't want it to be a tough day. So I did what I normally do to pick myself up, I committed myself to go have a good conversation.

Sister Woods said I beelined it, and maybe I did. I wasn't going to talk to anyone and so I had to just jump off the cliff and go for it! I saw two empty seats on the straßenbahn, but one had someone's hat in it so I sat in the other one next to a nice looking guy and another guy who was listening to music.

I promptly sat down and asked, "Wie geht es Ihnen?" (In hind sight I am so glad I didn't use Du-Sprache) probably a little too eagerly. The look he gave me as I sat down made my conscious think, "ehh, Sister Henry, I don't know if you should pursue this one" but I pressed forward and chatted with him about the usual things that I chat with people about.

The problem is, the way he was looking at me made me feel like every thing I said was not for the purpose of proselyting. Even though it was what I talk to with everyone! Why I am here, where I am from, What I believe, etc.

We talk and he brings up how beautiful Europapark is this time of the year, I try to steer the conversation another direction, just praying the Straßenbahn stop will come sooner.

I say Tschüß and go to get out of the Straßenbahn but then I see that he is getting out too, so I try and move forward and get some people between us. But after getting out, he comes up to me and starts telling me how much he enjoyed our conversation and awesome he thinks I am. I'm looking around for Sister Woods at this point (we usually split up to contact on the Bahn) and point out that she is my coworker and say I need to go. He then starts asking me if there is a time we can get together and go out for drinks or something.

I try to object and start by saying, "Es tut mir Leid. Ich darf nicht...." but I don't know how to say date in German! It's not something they teach you in the MTC! So I am struggling trying to tell this guy I can't date him when Sister Woods comes up and then I think, okay, yeah, maybe he can be a potential or whatever.

I try to swap Emails but he tells me he doesn't have one, so I just sort of throw my hands in the air (figuratively) and say, whew, that's it. I'm done. Let's go to our appointment. Hallelujah.

Then Sister Woods, who hasn't really witnessed this conversation or who this guy is, brilliantly lets him know we have a phone number.

I about died inside. No! No! No!

I stand there in shock and then reluctantly give him my number, while sending vibes to Sister Woods of what she has just done. He had somewhere to be and we did too, so we said goodbye and he ran to wherever he had to be.

You know what the funniest part was? This guy wasn't even a creep! He was just a normal, nice looking, probably around 28 year old guy that had a nice chat with a girl on the Straßenbahn and wanted to take her out.


I am going to be so awkward after the mission, I can just tell already. I about died when I was thinking back on it later it was so funny. 
I am just grateful that Heavenly Father sends so much humor into our lives. I feel like the only way to get through it is with a smile on our face and a funny story every day.

Elder Sponseller making his "Grinch face"
Speaking of humorous....

This week, in reality, was hard. It just seemed like things weren't clicking, and not much of the work moved forward this week. It was one of those weeks that make you think if all of this work will even be worth it. What am I thinking coming out here?

I read a really cool talk by Elder Ballard this morning, he starts it out by talking about keeping things simple. It really struck me as I continued to read another talk from Elder Anderson that spoke a lot about having faith in what we know.

I just think about how little my perspective as a missionary inherently is. That when those hard days come, they are all I can see. And that's okay! That's a part of life. The way we learn here in this world is by being veiled in the thick fog of our earthly perspective. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and to learn.

But what we do is we try and make our little perspective that we have the only perspective that we have. And that is not true. I think of some kids in a corn maze running around trying to find their way out. They can't see over the stalks of the corn, nor what is around the next bend.

But let's say those kids in the corn maze look up and see the sky. In the sky they see a helicopter taking an aerial photo of the corn maze to make maps or something of the kind. From the kids perspective, all they can see is that there is a sky above the corn maze, and there are people in that helicopter that can see the whole maze, that can see the whole perspective. They don't know how far that helicopter flew, where it came from, how it was made. But they know it is there, because they have looked up and seen it.

We are like those little kids and we can look up whenever we need to to see that God is there and that he has seen the whole perspective. The aerial view if you will.

We have even gotten it better than those little kids, because we have a copy of that picture that they took up in the helicopter, and we know what the maze looks like and the path to complete it is.

I think when things get hard, I just really need to remember how great this life is, and I don't mean just this life on this earth, but how great this existence is. We are children of God and he knows the big picture perfectly. He doesn't want us to be lost in the fog or in the maze, he gives out the key to us freely. We just have to look at it and use it.

I am so grateful to be a missionary. I won't know for a long long time what it truly means to be here and to be doing this work, but I am grateful for the opportunity to do it none the less.

I love you all so much!

Have a fantastic week!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Henry
 At the ward Christmas party, Sankt Nikolaus came in and gave gifts to the kids. Then he called us up and gave US gifts!

Some of our Bomb Young women, Sister Woods and I

CAM COX (Elder Gubler & Elder Root's best friend and Sherry's FHE brother also) WAS ELDER SUMSIONS GREETER AT THE MTC. I was looking at some of Elder Sumsion's pics at Zone training and saw this and couldn't believe it!

I made Amore burgers for Sister Woods and I. We made up the recipe my second year at girls camp to feed to the first years, and it was my first time making them again. It's basically hamburgers with taco seasoning and sour cream mixed in with the meat before you cook it. It brought back some good memories.

It was cold for a couple of days and looked really pretty.

But it's back to relatively warm and sunny

On Friday the 13th our Mirror randomly fell over that morning, neither of us were near it. Luckily, we made it through the day alive.

The Christmas stuff is up and ready!

We bought Elder Davies a sweater to wear when he goes home for his birthday. There's also a picture before Elder Packer fed him Ice cream and cake blindfolded for a role play. It was pretty funny.

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