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Monday, January 13, 2014

FREIlassing and salzBURG

I just realized that by living in Freilassing and working in Salzburg, I am still in a way in Freiburg!

So, what to talk about?  
Well first I will talk about how awesome my last day in Freiburg was.  We went to go meet with one of our investigators, F, who is from Angola.  When we started teaching him, we wanted to challenge ourselves to be more like a Preach My Gospel missionary and try and do shorter lessons more often every week.  So we meet with him like 3 times the week before for only about 30 minutes.  He lives right next to the apartment, and one of the Young Adults in our ward was able to come with us to be a joint teach.

He came to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it!  He's from Angola, the same country as our bishop.  He actually knows our bishop!  Anyways, he loved church and then we set up an appointment for that Wednesday.  We taught him the plan of salvation and then invited him to be baptized as a member of the church.  He was so cute when he said yes!  He told us yes and then said, "But I may need picked up."  We then explained to him that there are a few more things he needs to learn so that he can really enjoy the blessing of baptism and membership in the church, and so we'll be coming around for a while.  I am really excited to see him find more and more happiness in his life.  It's been so cool to see where he was when we found him, and the light that has been coming in since we've been teaching him.  

Isn't the gospel the coolest thing?

So, now I'm here.  I haven't seen much yet.  I feel like I'm coming on the mission all over again!  It actually hasn't been too easy the last couple of days.  Freiburg had really become my home, I loved those people and I knew those people.  Now I am here in a totally new world, with a totally new dialekt.  When I first came to Freiburg back in July, I was missing home quite a bit.  Now coming here, I am missing Freiburg quite a bit.
Final Freiburg District Photo

It's been hard, I'm not going to lie.  But the tenderest mercy has happened. Beneath the difficulty of being uprooted to a new area, I haven't had any worry that all is lost.  I know that it has to be uncomfortable and hard for me to grow.  Trials are a part of our experience in this life.  They are a natural part of becoming who we are meant to be.  The mission has really helped me have the perspective to really understand that this hard time, it is just that; a period of time.  As I rely on God and endure it well, he will help me fall in love with Salzburg.  He'll help me understand these people, teach them, and share with them his love.  It's just going to take time. 

Ha, who would have thought I would learn so much about patience on the mission?

So that's where I am at right now.  Trudging through the trial mud so that I can make the most of the beautiful things to come.  I am excited to learn, grow, and experience.  I don't know what the Lord has in store, but he's made my life pretty dang wonderful already, so I'm okay with leaving it up to him.
Bye Freiburg Elders Kingery and Stuart!

Saying goodbye to the District Leader/trainer Elder Davies.  She said they were going to be buds after the mission.

Seeing Sister Peterson at the Bahnhof in Munich!!!

I love you all so much.  I love life so much!  Being a missionary has given me a new appreciation for how beautiful this life really is.  We are so blessed to be here and be experiencing what we are right now.  I love the thought that today is part of eternity.  We need to not forget that. C.S. Lewis said that when we live for the next life, we get this one in the deal.  But when we live only for this life, we lose them both.  I just hope that we can all learn the perspective that the plan of salvation brings to us, so that we can enjoy better the beauties and wonders that today brings!  The gospel truly brings us a perfect happiness and hope, today and forever!

I hope this week is great for you.  I wish you all the best and I miss you all so much!

Sister Henry

Haha Dad, your opinion was half valid.  It was still really fun to see Elder Root, but it also didn't drive me away from the work either.  So I guess you could say we handled it like starry eyed missionaries.  But it was good.

That is so cool that you set the TV up like that!  I remember looking at the pictures at the dinner table and then all of us turning as fast as we could when a funny one came up. that was fun.

I don't have much time today.  The lame computer crashed and so I lost some email time :(  But Elder Halversen just shouted down the stairs and told me he knows Shavonne's family and that they are super cool.  So he has our Zone Leaders approval.  I thought that was pretty funny.

Dad, I wish you could see the mountains here!  They are HUGE and beautiful!  You would love to hike in them, I know you would.  Oh my gosh, you would love Salzburg.  There is a ton to see, and so many places to hike.  Sometimes when I look at them I think, "Man! I wish dad were here to go on a hike!"

I love you Daddy!
Zone Training silliness

Bye Freiburg Apartment teddy!
Last fun visit with this great family

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  1. She is so in tune with the refining process of being a missionary! I love her example and how she is so moldable! (sp) Great attitude and feel for the work!


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