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Monday, January 27, 2014

Who says Sisters aren't tough as nails?

Sister Garrett and Sister Henry in Salzburg!
Happy missionary in her new Christmas Austrian Trachten I sent her, she finally got it a month late

To whom it may concern:

Let it be known that this past week Sister Garrett and I rode our Bicycles from Germany to Austria....

in the snow......

in skirts.

Very few instances of my life have I felt so tough as then.  I actually felt almost as cool as an Austrian cop, but not quite.

"What's so special about an Austrian cop?" You ask.  See, when I first went to Germany I couldn't believe how stinking cool the policemen were.  Holy cow they are so ripped!

But then this last week Sister Garrett and I were on the bus when all of a sudden it stops at this gushing fountain of water.  We found that there had been an accident with a water pipe spilling into the street when some construction men were doing work.  The ambulance came first (don't worry, they ended up not taking anyone to the hospital) and they were pretty cool.  But then, the fire trucks came and these guys that look like they came straight out of Star Wars start spilling out and taping off the area.  Which, by the way, we were INSIDE the tape so we saw every thing that was going on.  The firemen were pretty sick, you could tell that they get work done.

But then the cops came.  Words cannot describe how stinking cool they area.  It made me want to just drop every thing and join the Austrian police academy.  It's one of those things that I could describe, but you would just have to see for yourself.

Let's just say, I don't plan on breaking the law any time soon.

I had the opportunity to go on Tausch this week with Sister Erdenetsogt and it was awesome!  We literally had nothing planned for the day that she was here, so we ended up just going by a ton of less actives.  At first I was worried that it would be boring or miserable for her, but I should have had no concern at all!  Sister Erdenetsogt is a champ!  We had so much fun!  We were just chatting with every body and let me tell you, that girl brings luck!  We found I think about 6 people that day that were willing to meet with us!

It was also just good to get around and see the city more.  I haven't had much opportunity to truly let myself fall in love with Salzburg, but that definitely helped!  There really is a special culture here, you can definitely tell why so many people want to travel and visit here!  I feel pretty lucky and honored that God would see me fit to work in such an amazing city.

The other cool thing is that we have really been working through part member families and less active members to teach investigators!  We have an investigator whose wife is a member that we've been working with for a while now.  He works at a resort about an hour away for 4 months, and then has 4 months off and lives here, and goes on and off like that.  Right now is his 4 months away so we have been doing skype lessons with him.  Yesterday we had one and he prayed for the first time! He is so awesome!  Their whole family is a blast.

(photo: Her amazing Aunt Heather remade Green Eggs and Ham into a German Book of Mormon version for Sis Henry's Christmas gift.  She loved it so much and said she read it over and over!)

I just can't help but feel like the people really ready to hear the gospel are right  in front of us, even listed on the ward directory some times!  Sometimes I ask myself, "Why would God send me a bunch of people to teach knocking on doors when I haven't even been taking care of the ones we already have?"

Oh, I have also become the unofficial go-to piano player for everything in our Ward.  There is one other woman who plays the piano and then also a man, so between the three of us we play for everything.  I find it so funny because for so many years I have thought I wasn't good enough and so would never tell anyone I could play the piano or play it really well.

Before I went on the mission I made a promise to myself that any time some one asked me to use a talent, even one I didn't think I really had, the first thing I would say is yes before I could think to say no.  Well it is turning into a tremendous blessing because as we have courage and are willing to use those gifts that God has given to us, he helps us make those gifts more useful and lets us use them even more!

Man, can I just say that being anxiously engaged in his work lets us be the happiest we could ever imagine!  And it is so funny.  How often do people test out the counsel of the prophets by going the negative direction.  For example, the prophet says not to do something and so some one will do that thing until they feel miserable and learn their lesson.  I know I have done that before.

But there is an easier way to learn the lesson.  To just follow the counsel and then see how happy you are!  Try it out! I can promise you will be pleased with the results!  Maybe some day when people talk about teenagers "Experimenting" they will be talking about teenagers experimenting following the guidelines and counsel given to us by men inspired of God.  Wouldn't that be awesome?
   (we visited a special chapel place where they hold Catholic Bishop's meetings)

Well I have not much else to report, this week was great!  I still have hard days, but every one does.  The nice thing is these hard days aren't like hard days in the past.  My trials now a days are ones that God sends to help me grown, not trials I get myself stuck in.  That's what happens when you keep the commandants, and let me tell you, THAT is one of the greatest blessings I know!

I can promise you that our father in heaven knows us and loves us.  He is so aware of us!  He is aware of you and his will is only your happiness.  I also promise that the only way to find that happiness is to give your will to him and let yourself be guided by his loving hand.

I love you all so much.  I miss you, you are all in my heart and prayers!  I truly love you!

Sister Henry

P.S. It is snowing outside! Yay!  You wouldn't believe how beautiful it is here.  It's nuts.  I am excited because next week we get to go through the Alps to get down to Brixen.  I don't know the details yet but I should know them next week. Can you believe I am going to Italy.  Some times I think I sort of cheated Elder Root out, I get to go to the Bern temple AND Italy haha!

Cooking up a storm of deliciousness

Cozy socks from her Wendy-Mom!

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  1. Her positive attitude is so contagious! She learns from every situation given her!


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