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Monday, February 3, 2014

Thank You Mr. Gardener


I had a really rough week this week.
I was laying in my bed thinking about it. Over and over again I just thought to myself, "Why me?  Why in the world would you do this to me?  You know how hard it is, I don't want this.  You know I don't want this!  Why would you do it to me?"
Unlike a lot of times when I have to do something hard, I didn't feel afterwards like I had taken a dip in a crisp, fresh, lake.  Rather I felt emotionally and spiritually exhausted.  I kept asking myself, why would God send that to me?  Why would he do that to me?
I then was reminded of one of my favorite stories and it has actually been made into a cool little video.

To help me get through this mess I just kept thinking to myself, "Man!  I better start liking the taste of currant bush berries!"  But in all seriousness, I have never felt more pruned, I have never felt the refiners fire so hard than on my mission!  It's so funny, too, because I am on the Lord's errand!  You would think it would be a little easier since I am doing the things God wants me to do.
It all sort of goes back to the question that we as missionaries get asked probably the most.  If God really is our father and loves us, why are people suffering?  Why are people killing each other, hungry, afflicted with all sorts of disease and terrors?
In comparison to a lot of these trials, I obviously have no room to talk.  My seeming mountain is just a speed bump in comparison to some of the things others have experienced.  But I want to share a little insight that I found.
Everything we know and do really goes back to the plan of salvation.  This life is just a brief moment of our eternal existence.  When we know that life existed before this life and will exist after this life, it really puts these short 90-100 years in perspective. 
After this life, we will eventually find ourselves in a state of happiness, rest, and peace.  In that state, nothing will harm us, hurt us, afflict us.  It will be like a huge Sunday nap, except for the fact that we won't be just sitting around, we'll be living with things to do.
When we get to that part of our eternal lives, we won't have the opportunity to be refined like we are right now.  This experience to pass through these trials on earth will be finished.  I don't want to go into personal opinion, or accidentally say something false.  But obviously, the present moment of where we are, and who we are won't be the same as right now.  This is our time to be really polished and refined so that we can be those magnificent beings we are destined to be after this life!
It's not easy, and it wasn't meant to be.  But there is no where in the scriptures where it says that it is not possible.  Rather, the scriptures tell us that the seemingly impossible is possible! 
So maybe we will come out of tough stuff with our tails tucked between our legs and little roughed up and worn out, but we will still come out of that tough stuff none the less.  Eventually we will see how it was all worth it, and the fact is that we can't see it now.
My heart just goes out to everyone at home that is having a hard time right now.  We really need to stick together, we need each other to weather the storms that will most definitely be sent to us.  And when the person comes to help, I hope that we don't just close our eyes and ears and ignore the life line they provide.  It makes me sad when people do that.
I love you all at home more than you know!  I pray for you and I am excited for us to be reunited some time!  But I am also grateful for my mission.  I am a little nervous for whatever lay ahead in this next year, but as long as I don't forget to pray, I know I can handle it.
I love you!  Keep being so wonderful!
Sister Henry
Train ride to Munich
Zone leaders on the train ride
German deliciousness
Such a cute German bottle!  And alkoholfrei of course

Mission Leadership Conference
MLC group photo (the mission has almost 300 missionaries, so there are 32 Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.
Delicious food at MLC!

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  1. She will be an amazing teacher some day because she is SOOOO teachable!


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