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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bridles, Bleeding, and Blessings.

I look back on some of the things that happened this week and think, woah!  That was only this week?  Let's just say there were a lot of adventures that went down.
To start, we went back to Italy!  Ah, gotta love Brixen.  The Sisters down there decided to set up for us the Tausch of all Tausches (Exchange of all Exchanges--trading companions for a couple days).  We ended up helping with a service project.  They didn't tell us much except that we had to do a service project in the mountains.  We got there, hopped on a bus that took us up, and show up to a stable!  Yes family, I helped fix up a villa and groom horses in the Italian Alps.  The weather was beautiful, and I almost thought I heard Disney music playing in the background, I felt like I was in a fairytale. 

It was also a blast working with Sister Kervinen.  Let's just say, she is probably one of the most fun Sister Missionaries I have ever met.  Man, that was so fun!

Elder Stilger working hard!

Elder Halversen and Sister Clark with the Alps!

It was also a blast working with Sister Kervinen.  Let's just say, she is probably one of the most fun Sister Missionaries I have ever met.  Man, that was so fun!
We also had a day of days this week.  It was just a day you wake up and you can feel everything is going to go wrong.  We had an eating appointment with the Elders at a members house.  We left and realized not only did we not have a map of Salzburg, but we had forgotten the ward list to look up her address too!  So we shot a text to the Elders to find out where she lives.  We get off the S-bahn and Sister Clark goes, "I don't have the phone."  We realize she had accidentally left it on the train!  So then we are phoneless and don't know where to go!  We end up going to the church, finding the address, looking it up on Google maps, and the appointment went fine.  We used the Elders phone and found out ours was with a lady in Neumarkt.  So that was a blessing, because then Elder Naegle was able to pick it up for us. 
Later that day on the Bus Sister Clark's nose just starts bleeding.  Not just a little nose bleed, it was coming out.  She asked if I had tissues and I realized neither of us did.  So then I go up and ask a stranger, who kindly gives us some, and the busdriver sees what's going on.  He stops the whole bus so that he can get a towel wet for her to clean herself up!  A super nice guy, but let me tell ya, Sister Clark's cheeks were almost as red as the blood coming out of her nose.  Tehe, she will kill me for saying that.

Poor Sister  Clark took a spill (I made sure she was fine before taking this!-Sis H)
We go on later in the day, and we're on the way to a less active when we realize we are on the wrong bus!  We still don't have a phone, can't call the Less Active, but then we realize that the member with us can call!  We call to get the number but her cell phone number isn't on the ward list!  We just happen to have it on our, you guessed it, cell phone!  The Elders look it up on our cell phone, give it to us, we call the Less Active, and she ends up not even being home.  So it all worked out in the end, but after the fiasco of the day, we were happy to get our phone back (Neumarkt Elders drove down and gave it to us) and go home.
It was really fun, though.  At first we were getting frustrated because the day was going so bad, but after a while, all we could do was laugh.  So we did laugh!.  Two wrongs may not make a right, but a bunch of bad luck can make some really happy sisters!
Former home of Benito Mussolini
This home is now owned by the "sweetest, most humble, coolest family of investigators"

Elder Halversen photobomb

The Elders acting out a fairy tale?
I also had an experience this week that just really taught me how much our Heavenly Father loves us.  I watched one of His children take a step towards coming back to him.  As I watched her choose for herself to do this, I just felt this overwhelming love, and happiness.  It was like my heart swelled up inside of me and was going to burst through my chest!  I almost couldn't sit still I was so happy!  Wow, even when I think back to it right now, I feel so overwhelmingly happy.
I have felt this a few times on my mission, and I realized that it is a special gift a missionary has.  God lets us feel a piece of His love for His children.  He loves us so much, and when we choose to follow Him, He is happier than we can comprehend.  Truly He is!  When we choose to come closer to Him, he is rejoicing more exceedingly than I can express!  I have felt it, and I am so grateful I have.  It changes our perspective to help others come closer to Him and find Him, when we know how much he loves them and wants them to come back.
I really know that's true, I have witnessed it and experienced it for myself.  His love is infinite and perfect.  He loves us so much.  We our his kids!  He is so proud of us, and so grateful to be our Dad.  I know He is.  I know He loves us!
I love you, and I hope you have a terrific week.
Sister H.
I couldn't believe how great this photo of the moon turned out!

Skirt made by Aunt Heather!

PS I sent her back to purchase these today!


  1. What a great week for Sister Henry!

  2. I love Reading her experiences, she is always so happy, and seems like a GREAT missionary.

  3. oh yeah going to Mussolini's house is pretty cool too......I am jealous!

  4. Oh, the tales that house could tell. From Mussolini to.... investigator of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Italy pictures and experiences are amazing. I hope she sang at the top of her lungs.


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