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Monday, April 7, 2014

A man in his Lederhosen....


     We were walking to meet up with a potential in Mirabell Garden when all of a sudden I see an older man walking in his lederhosen talking to some Americans.  I hear him say, "Yeah, when I head down to Florida I always take two empty suitcases with me.  Then when I get there, I head straight to Target and fill them up."  I busted up laughing, gotta love Target!

       How about General Conference?!  Holy cow it was so great, wasn't it?!  How blessed are we to be able to hear from Prophets today?  I just thought about how blessed we are to have revelation for our time, today, that is spoken in a way that we can plainly understand.  I LOVED Elder Ridd's talk about our desires.  It really got me to think and to check in on myself and my desires.

      I've been out for about 9 months now and the half way mark is a great time to just sort of reflect and look ahead.  I think one of the greatest things I have learned on my mission, and especially lately, is that we can change.  We can change!  Hallelujah!  Think about it, the hope that comes from knowing our very natures can change!
      I have heard that my whole life.  That when I have bad habits, when I have bad tendencies, through the Savior's Atonement I can change.  And although I have felt my Savior's forgiveness, I have sometimes questioned if I really can be a new person.  If I really can overcome that tendency.
     Well, I realized the other day that on my mission I have learned not only that I can change and re-align my desires in life, but I know how.  I have spent the last 9 months of my life reflecting, setting GOALS, planning to achieve them, and then working hard to do so.  What a blessing!  I've realized that because of my mission, I not only know the what, but I know the how of progression.

     I will give you a hint so you can figure out the how as well.  Read the scriptures.  Listen to conference talks with the question, "How can I better myself?"  The Prophets have been telling me how for years, it just took sending me across the world and getting rid of the internet 6 days of the week for me to really listen!  I must have been a snot nosed teenager or something, huh?
    Today I realized just how much I love it here in Salzburg.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Have I ever told you that?  I am living in the most beautiful city on the planet.  Yesterday we had Northwest weather and I couldn't stop smiling, the overcast grey clouds were so pretty!  And today the mountains are...I can't even describe how beautiful they are.

Dear Daddy,
Yeah, we're only live for the morning sessions :(  But I love thinking that we are watching the same thing during them!  I also loved Priesthood session!  We snuck up on the stage and listened to it through the curtain.  I loved Elder Oaks talk, it really made me think about the authority I have as a sister missionary.  Sometimes I forgot that I am just as much a missionary as the Elders, even though I am not ordained to the office of an Elder.  I have been set apart, and the work I do, and the good I do, is the Priesthood because it is of God!
     Conference as a missionary is the best!  My eyes and body get tired but my spirit and mind keep soaking it in!  In the two days I had 9 1/2 hours of conference and loved every minute!
     I love that this time of unemployment has helped you so much.  I also have been learning a lot of just bettering myself and using the time of my life to focus on the things that matter most.  Using my "4 minutes".  I can't imagine my life without my mission.  It has helped me so much.  It's tough!  Sometimes it seems so long and impossible.  But the day to day of it really is just the greatest thing to ever happen.
     Tori will be an only child!  That's weird.  But she will have so much fun when she gets mommy and daddy to herself!  She's so spoiled ;)
     Well I gotta go.  Gotta email president and then we're heading over to our bishop's for FHE!
Love you Dad!  I really do.

Dear Mom, (some q and a also)
     Haha we just inherited the Elders investigators so we have about 11 investigators and we meet with probably 3 or 4 a week.  It's actually been pretty busy for us.  Yep we get along great!  This last week we taught about 7 lessons, it just goes up and down in spurts.
     We usually finish studies around 10 and then try to get out of the apartment, but when we go into Salzburg we usually plan it out to stay in Salzburg.  So it's usually appointment, travel, appointment travel, go by on someone, etc.  And then of course we go to activities like institute when our investigator is there.  We spend a lot of time with our Ehe-Paar, I feel like I live at their apartment.  They take really good care of us, I feel like I have parents out here because of Elder and Sister Smith :)
     Yep I get to go to Vienna!!!  Oh good, I am glad the Roots still like me!  I feel bad because I don't have much time to Email Michelle on Pday and she always writes me the best letters!  Everyone does that.  I hope you all know that I treasure every word you write, I just don't have the time to write super well back :(
     I honestly love Shavonne so much.  I don't even know her like at all, but I feel like we must have been great friends in the life before this or something, because she IS my sister.  I have just this overwhelming love for her!  I feel like we are best friends and I haven't even met her in person!!
     I would love a new pencil skirt or two. I don't like flowy skirts that make me look like a Jehovah's witness.  Everyone thinks we're JWs.  Oh and some mascara and Eyeliner.  Oh and if by the time the Roots come I could have a little picture book of Mike's wedding.  I would really like that.
     I love singing while I am biking around Freilassing haha And there's a member in our ward, Janosh, and he is super good at just coming up with compositions on the piano. We jammed last night.  He just played, I just sung, bada boom we basically made an aria, and we went away grinning like two little kids that had won a big soccer trophy it was so fun.
     Yeah, for Zone training we are right up there with the Zone Leaders.  This last one we delegated assignments but the one before we taught a whole section on Virtue.
    Piano is going good, but Sister Clark likes to use her talent for it too so I have been able to sing more.  I actually sang in Sacrament Meeting last week with a Young Woman who has been having a hard time getting to church.  It was cool.
Actually we were watching the women's conference and I just really felt my mommy's love the whole time.  I just thought about how you really are my best friend and how much I love you and love talking to you.
     I get to see everyone go to Vienna because they all pass through Salzburg, so I am pretty up to date with the news ;)  Sister Clark loves Sister Motto!  I am excited to get to know her!  I saw her on Transfer day, but there were some Elders that are friends with Elder Root that were excited to meet me (I know, I am just so popular) so I didn't get a chance to talk with her. But I have heard a lot about her from Sis. C!
     If you'd like you can give them  (mission office) a call and make sure that's when I go back.  My visa, my proselyting certificate thingy, everything expires on December 10th so I am almost positive that's when I go home.  But yeah, I plan on going home in December.
     Haha well we need to go!  We cut our email time down again because we are going to FHE at our bishops!  Any last questions before I log off?
     I love you too mom!  A lot.  I am happy to be a missionary and I am so grateful that I have a family that loves me so much that I can feel it even on the other side of the world!  I love you tons.  Have a great week mommy!

  I love you all so much!  Now stop reading my rambling and go read some Conference!
Love you!
Sister Henry


  1. It always puts a smile on my face and I even giggle out loud when I read her blog.Great pictures and beautiful smile. Maybe she will meet my elder he is in Vienna zone now.

  2. I love the way that everywhere she goes, she says it's the most beautiful place in the world. Her sense of wonder when she sees beauty is contagious! It makes me just want to be where she is! Lis, you should write a book, "Looking At The World Through The Eyes of Sherry." She is such a delight. Granny


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