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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All over Austria, Germany, and Italy...all in a week!

What a week!

I don't even know what to write about!  So much happened, we went to Hellbrunn,  to  Brixen, to Berchtesgaden, and to Vienna all in 7 days!  And we're heading to Munich tomorrow, holy cow!
     I think the first thing to write is that I am my Mother's daughter.  Elder Stilger had some extra Peanut Butter Cups from home and so he gave us some.  I was about to eat them when I realized that I couldn't eat them just plain!  They needed to be Frozen!  So, I am my Mommy's daughter.
     I had an awesome Tausch down in Brixen this week with Sister Lohmann!

On Wednesday morning we scheduled a couple of hours to just hit the pavement and find some people.  We start off saying, "Hallo, Wie geht es Ihnen?" to everyone.  But everyone would just say they could only speak Italian.  We knew that wasn't true, even if everyone in Süd Tirol didn't learn both languages, they're light eyes and light skin is sort of a definite indicator that they weren't Italian.

     We then decided to switch it around and started approaching everyone with, "Ciao! Com esta?" It made a world of a difference!  Everyone was so nice and willing to talk with us!  The best part was that if they started speaking in Italian, I would just say, "Bitte?" and they would switch to German, ask where we were from, etc.  It was SO COOL!  We ended up finding 2 really solid potentials, and having a blast along the way.
Ciao, would you like to hear a message of the Restoration?
    The Brixen Sisters also have an Investigator who actually lives in Bolzano.  So, I went to Bolzano!  Never thought I would make it down there!  She was such a sweet heart and the lesson was great.  It was a little sad because she has been feeling a lot of pressure from her family and friends about not getting baptized.  She told us that she just needed more time.  And you know what?  That is perfectly okay!  Elder Dyches said something really awesome at mission tour, "We teach for conversion, not baptism" That is totally true.

     They could have worded our purpose as missionaries any way.  They could have said our purpose is to baptize the world, to grow the kingdom of God, any thing.  But they chose to say that our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ.  We are not teaching to bring people to the waters of baptism, we are teaching to bring people to Jesus Christ. He taught us that we need to be baptized to do so, but baptism is not conversion.  Conversion is so much more than that.  So if an investigator needs time, then they need time!  If they are progressing, then it's not a disappointment.  They are converting!  They are repenting and coming closer to their Savior!  And eventually they will get baptized, as we continue to help them repent and come closer to Him.
We had an awesome Pday and went to the castle in Werfen and to Königsee.  We saw the coolest Falconry show (with Golden Eagles too) and then also the Königsee was gorgeous.  I feel so blessed that I had that opportunity!  we went with our Bishops family and also a recent convert and her husband.  Best Pday ever!  (Elder Halversen said the same thing--it's President Monson's favorite place in Europe, he goes there every time he is in Europe)

Elder Halversen

Vienna was super great!  We had a finding day on Monday.  Everyone from the Vienna and Salzburg Zones went on a tausch (exchange) for 2 and a half hours and just found and gave out books of Mormon.  We just went out a bunch of different ways and flooded Vienna with the Gospel!  I worked with Sister Allman and it was awesome.  She gave me a much needed boost of excitement and courage!  We talked with EVERYONE and it was so much fun!
     Mission Tour was also awesome.  The one thing I really went away with was just how much more I can do.  There is so much more of me to give!  Elder Dyches mentioned the parable of the Talents and it really struck me.  I thought about how one servant got 5 talents and one servant got 2 and one 1.  I love, LOVE that Jesus Christ, when hearing of what the servant with 5 and the servant with 2 talents did with their talents, says the exact same thing to them.  Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Exactly the same.  He was just as pleased with both of them.
     It's interesting to me that in the end, one didn't have 10 and one didn't have 4, rather they both had no talents (as they had given them to their master) and instead had eternal life.
    I need to multiply my talents so that I can bring them home back to my Father in Heaven.
    All of the things said at mission tour really motivated me to give more of my best.  I was trying to figure out how I wanted to coin it, how I wanted to really apply it.  I realized one weakness I have had my entire life is getting up earlier than I have to.  I hate getting up, and so I always sleep in until the last minute I can.  On my mission I wake up at 6:30, which is when you are supposed to wake up.  I have been 100% exactly obedient in that regard so far on my mission.
     But, I can do more.  Just because 6:30 is the time I need to be up by, it isn't the time I have to get up.  I can get up earlier, in this sense I can do more.  And so I realized that if I start my day off doing more, I am going to spend my day doing more.  So I made a goal to get up at 6:20.  It's not a big difference, it actually helps the bathroom schedule in the morning, haha.
     I just want to do more!  I have so much to give and I need to give it, you know?
     So yes, that's where I am.  This week is crazy, as we go to Munich tomorrow and Friday.  But it's a great week.  We have some really special people we are teaching, and I feel privileged to do so.  Gosh, I love being on my mission.
     I love my Savior so much.  I can't even express it, just how deep my love for Jesus Christ has become.
I love you all!
Sister Henry

HI Daddy!
     I am so excited to watch the Sound of Music when I get home, isn't that so ironic?  I love the soundtrack now!  Sometimes I cry when I hear the edelweiss song just because I really love Austria so much.
     My fingers are starting to hurt, but I want you to know that I feel like you and I have both been going through the same thing!  I feel the same way, that God has just really given me my mission and an opportunity to change myself and my habits that I've gotten into before my mission.
     I get to see you next week! And don't worry, this time I won't talk as much.  I will let you all talk instead, haha :)
I love you!
Sher Bear

Oh yeah and the cool cave thing is called Steintheater.  It's a stone theater.  It was awesome.  It was by Schloss Hellbrunn, the yellow castle.  We went to the park in the near from it and played frisbee and stuff for Pday last week. (I crack up when she speaks "Germanish").

Singing in the Steintheater

Tori is the best!  Oh I loved Spencer's grad announcement!
      Oh I had a total break down last week because I am so sad to miss Michael's wedding.  I didn't realize it would be so hard.  I mean I always knew next week would be sort of hard  but I didn't realize how much.  I just it just put in perspective how much of a sacrifice my mission really is, and I am grateful I can sacrifice so much!  I just never realized that I really have put my life aside to serve the Lord.  But I have also been so blessed, and have felt so near the Savior at this time.  It's been really special.
     I've learned that consecration isn't forgetting who you are, it's just making God the most important!


  1. Everything about this post makes me happy! What a great missionary in a great mission! So happy that she will get to visit with you at a time when it will be hard. God is good!

  2. Too bad she doesn't get to see anything beautiful or do anything fun on her p-days! OH MY GOODNESS.....those pictures are Stunning! What fun, to add to being in the service of the lord.


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