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Monday, April 14, 2014

What Goes Around, Comes Around

 I ate my first Leberkäse this week!

 Freiburg District
     Well, family and friends, serving others all day long every day has finally paid it's price!  Last week at the Internet shop, I had left a bag of shampoo I had just bought and some nice hairspray that I was very excited to use!  I was pretty bummed, and just ended up buying some new stuff later that Pday because we were already on the train by the time I realized I left it.
     Well, I come into the Internet shop this morning and the owner says, "did you forget anything last week?" and then pulls out my Müller bag with my shampoo and hairspray! I squealed I was so happy! And I have officially made a new friend.  The owner and I are totally pals.
     This week was a great one as always!  You can't wake up to the beautiful view we have and not have a great week.  We lost some investigators, we got some new investigators, and the work keeps moving forward.  I think something that has impressed me on my mission is just how much this isn't my mission.  God will take care of his children, regardless of my abilities.  He just wants to hit two birds with one stone and have me learn something in the process of him taking care of his children! I'm down with that!        
     Plus, the feeling that I get when I am a tool in the Lord's hands, when God fulfills His "work and his glory" through me is the greatest feeling I can explain.  I am so humbled that He lets me share in His work, that He lets me contribute something somehow because He knows how happy it makes me.  He really loves me.  He really loves you!
(recognize this from Sound of Music?)

     One of our investigators, this week had such a cool experience.  She's been praying and praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true, because she wants to know if this is the way to God!  We went to our appointment and she excitedly grabbed her Book of Mormon and told us it all clicked!  She had been reading in 2 Nephi chapter 2 and when she read verse 25 it all clicked why Adam needed to Fall.  She said that always confused her in church, and it made sense that there needs to be opposition and that they needed to leave the blissfulness of the garden!  She really is awesome.  Probably the closest person I know to the Veil, she just naturally knows who she is and whose she is.  We talked about baptism and she brought up the concern about how it's really hard for her to seriously consider it as her family is very Catholic.  I told her about you getting married in the temple, Mom.  But that because you knew it was the Lord's will, you had the strength to do that.  If you want to type up an email about it and send it to me, I would love to share it with her.  She speaks really good English.
     Yep, this work is not my own.  Not at all, it is God's work.  I am so glad I get to take a piece in it. Being a missionary is great.  Learning to give it all to God, to give yourself, all you cherish, and all you are to him is truly the best decision we can make.  He is our Dad, and he loves us.  I love being a missionary!
     I love you all. Keep on keeping on!
Sister Henry

Hi Daddy!
     Crazy that the Life of Christ is happening, I totally forgot about that!  It's so cool that our stake does that every year, they always do such a great job.
     Speaking of itching to go hiking, try living in the Alps and not being able to go!  It is torture on some of our train rides, because we literally go through the prettiest part of the world, and can't go out and walk around in it!  Some day I have to go, it's just too beautiful to miss.
     I feel like trials aren't trials unless there's some real test of our patience and diligence involved.  That would be awesome if you worked for the Church!  How funny would it be if you ended up in Utah?  Just like everyone else.  But I like Utah so I wouldn't mind if you lived there.
    I love you! I hope this week goes really well, take some pictures on your hike!  I want to see them!
Sher Bear

and her zone leader Elder Halversen emailed these to me this morning, this is what they do at District she's making the busy, stressed out ZL's laugh!


  1. Two birds with one stone. What an accurate perspective! I love how mindful God is of these missionaries - to save her shampoo and hairspray! Lots of power in that short e-mail!

  2. I wanted to say exactly what Leslie said. I can feel the Lord's love flowing through her. I love the sunset picture.


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