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Monday, May 26, 2014

Lustige Haare

Oh my gosh, the sky last night was GORGEOUS!  There was this huge cloud that was lit up with the sunset beautifully.  Mom, it is BEAUTIFUL here.  I just think sometimes, I am living in SALZBURG AUSTRIA!  And the best in life is yet to come!  I can't imagine my life being cooler and more wonderful than this, but I also know it will be.  So I am not worried about the future at all!  Sure I cry every now and then, but deep down inside, I know it will all be fantastic.

We'll see where He leads me (in her life/career) !  I really want to work with Kids, actually. So just continuing with children's theater, I just feel like that combines so much of what I love.  Performing, children, teaching, and learning about the world.

I thought I would share a funny miscommunication story:

So this week we had our Stake Schwestern Tag (Sister's Day)!  It was a blast as the church building in Neumarkt was filled with hundreds of women organizing themselves into little work shops to learn new skills and make themselves better.  I love Relief Society :)

One of the classes was called "Lustige Haare", and it was a class to learn how to do cool braids and new hairstyles with your hair.  I had braided my hair into a crown braid that morning, and had even cut the collar off of a shirt and made it a bow.  At the beginning of the day, one of the women in charge told me how "Lustig" my hair was.  I hadn't looked over the workshop names and so had no idea that she was making a reference to the class.  

I thought that Lustig just meant funny, like the direct equivalent of our funny in American English. So I was so confused why she would call my hair funny!  I was self conscious for a good 30 minutes...until they were introducing all of the workshops and then realized that that was not only what she was referring to, but that lustig must have more meanings than I thought. Gotta love living in another language!  (it also means merry, cheerful, and several other English translations)

So this week went better!  We taught 3 INVESTIGATOR LESSONS!  Hallelujah we taught investigators again!  

We actually taught the Restoration to a family last night, and afterwards I was just so uplifted!  I had forgot just how happy fulfilling my purpose really makes me!  Teaching people about the Gospel and sharing the good news that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, I just can't help but want to sing and jump around and tell everyone!  How cool is that to know that God lives!  That His hand is in our lives today!  That His Priesthood is on the earth, that He really is there so near and so involved in our lives!  I get so excited about it!!
  Study time out on their balcony
Well, I want to write more but we are going to go out and have some Pday fun! (the Smiths are driving she and Sister Clark on the Sound of Music Tour!) The weather has been BEAUTIFUL! Being a missionary when it is warm outside is so much easier!  You can stay out all day, people want to say hello and talk with you!  It is phenomenal how much of a difference the sun makes in our lives.

I love you all!  Have a great week!  Keep smiling!

Sister Henry
(Sister Henry's dad wrote this about her, it is such a beautiful description of her attitude toward life and her mission, even though it's been a tough few weeks for her, she hasn't slowed down a bit: You are always so upbeat and happy in your letters and when we get to talk to you, but I know that mission happiness comes through a lot of struggle and hard work, so I know that there are many things that have been difficult for you.  I'm super proud of you for working so hard.  I remember when you and I first headed up the trail on Mt. Saint Helens together.   You took off down the trail like a deer and I thought to myself, we have no idea what is ahead of us or how hard this is going to be so she had better slow down a little and save some energy.  You did slow down a bit, but we still kept a very brisk pace all the way up to the top except when I got pretty slow there at the end.  I feel like you hit your mission with the same kind of pace and that you haven't slowed down yet and that you are not likely to.  Good for you for having such energy, excitement and enthusiasm.  I know it inspires the other missionaries around you because we hear from them from time to time.) 
Hi Daddy,
    I loved the email.  I am also so glad that our Father in Heaven refines a little bit, not more than we can handle, to help us get better and grow stronger.
    Yeah, I am so happy and so excited, but it is definitely balanced with the lows too.  Like you always said, I am a Henry girl with high highs and low lows :)  But I am grateful for all of it. 
    Sometimes I feel like a peace of metal getting thrown into a fiery hot furnace and taken out only to get hammered, to then be thrown in again....but every now and then I get dunked in some really refreshing cool water and it makes it all worth it. 
  Missions are the best!  I am so glad you love yours so much because it really rubs off on me.
I love you!
Love,Sher Bear
How is this for a statue!  At the horse bath in Salzburg 

Monday, May 19, 2014

The life of a Sister Missionary

We went to Bad Reichenhall with one of our members for pday last week!

I have a couple of experiences that I think will bring a smile to your face.

#1 The old man on the bus
     The other day we were riding to the church.  We got on when no one else was on the bus, so I sat in one of the 4 seater spots that is across from another 4 seater.  This gives me me a higher chance of someone sitting near me that I can talk to.  I sat down, and we started to ride when a nice old man got on the bus.  He sat in the corner of the other 4 seater.  I looked over and smiled and he smiled back.  Actually, he smiled so big that I felt uncomfortable and proceeded to look out the window.  
     I glanced at him again, wanting to be proactive and have a conversation.  His smile once again influenced me to continue my gaze out the window.
     Finally, we were approaching our stop and I asked him how he is doing.  He abruptly got out of his chair, leaned over and said it doesn't matter how an old man like him is doing, how am I doing?  Goodness gracious.  He then went on and on about, oh how he wishes he were younger. 
     He was VERY happy that I talked with him.  Sister Henry has got a fan!

#2 Sisters are VERY hardcore
     I went on tausch this week with Sister Starns in Wels and I don't think it stopped raining the entire time.  I'm from Washington, that's not a problem for me, right?  Well, in Washington I don't spend the entire day outside going by on people and going from door to door.
     Obviously I survived, and I actually did enjoy being soaking wet to the bone!  There is nothing that makes my smile brighter and my singing louder than a little dash of adversity.
    But it had me reflect on just how hardcore sister missionaries are.  I was in a skirt and tights on a bike in the pouring rain for a good 5 or 6 hours straight.  Sisters are awesome :)

     Well, I don't have much time more but I just want you all to know that even when the rain is pouring and the lessons have all fallen out, there is still always a miracle to see!  Life is beautiful!      Sometimes God just has to take away all of the big things because that's the only way he'll get us to focus on the little things.
     I love you all so dearly!  Keep smiling!
Sister Henry
Ice Cream District Party before the last Transfers. The couple in the center are the Smiths who sent a really nice letter this week about how much they love serving with Sis Henry.

I can do the splits?!

Transfers!  I miss the missionaries who left!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Photos from Salzburg

(There is a facebook group for parents of missionaries in this mission, and our family has connected with families of missionaries Sherry is serving with and we share photographs with one another.)