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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A "nugget of wonderfulness" & some Skype highlights

My favorite quote from our talk with Sister Henry:  "Consecration is being willing to put all your desires on hold and your family & friends on the back burner, and making God and bringing others to Christ your only priority."

I just talked to you yesterday so I figured I won't send a huge email.  But I want to share with you a nugget of wonderfulness.  This week we watched the CES devotional by Sister Burton.  Elder Smith printed the talk off for Sister Clark and I and we have been studying it for the past two days now!  I even made free time last night so I could study it some extra, it is so good!
I wanted to share one of my favorite truths:
"That's the test, when all is said and done.  Does it persuade one to do good, to rise, to stand tall, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be generous?  Then it is of the spirit of God." -Gordon B. Hinckley
     It is as simple as that!  Does that situation invite you to good?  Does that person encourage you to stand taller?  Does that pathway persuade you to do the right thing?  Then grasp it!  It is of God!
    I know that's true because I have seen it my life!  There are so many things, so many people, so many experiences that have influenced my life for the better.  Sometimes in the moment it seemed like coincidence...
    But it is not.  Life is more black and white like that.  God's hand plays a larger part in our life than we could possibly comprehend.
     Gosh, you all have to see this devotional!  IT IS AWESOME!
I love you all to pieces!

Sister Henry
When we visited with Sis Henry on Skype, she spoke of this sunset and her feelings as she watched it, describing having the Alps on one side and the gorgeous sunset on the other.  She said her heart was full of gratitude for the opportunity to experience Salzburg, one of the "most beautiful places on the planet." She feels like she is doing everything she can on her mission to bring people to Christ, and tries to leave every interaction with the other person feeling happier, uplifted, and/or positive. She said she talks to everyone she meets.  As with many of the Alpine Missionaries, she feels the time is so short, especially as a Sister.


She was sad to miss her brother's wedding, but reflected on the tears as indication of the maturity she has gained the past few years--no longer the self centered teenager. She would not want to be anywhere else at this time of her life.  
     She was so calm cool & collected. She is so happy. I asked Sister Clark if Sherry had been getting up early every day to work longer, & she has--in order to have more time on her mission..  She adores Sister Clark. She loves all the missionaries, & as Sister Training Leaders's they set a goal to be the "mothers" of their zone, & feel they've accomplished it. She talked about how obedient the missionaries are, even when they played their April Fools on them they just took it without murmuring even though they were disappointed (Zone Conference they told them Email time was cut to an hour). She loves the ward & the people. The Smiths, the senior missionary couple, are amazing and take super care of them!  Sher is satisfied knowing each day she truly does everything she can as a missionary, and accepts the agency of those she meets. But she definitely talks to EVERYONE-the returned Alpine missionaries I met in Utah all said that is a strength for Sis Henry. She has learned exact obedience. The ward has asked her to teach free voice lessons as a missionary tool, so she'll be starting that up.  She plays the piano for Primary every week and LOVES IT.  She didn't want to talk about her future, other than planning to support herself and stick to a budget by working for BYU Housing as an RA next winter, and wanting to come back and live in Bolzono Italy and Freiburg Germany for a while.  She is making the most of every day on her mission.  She loves getting mail and asked for her companion to receive some, too.

Bye Bye Sister Peterson--off to Munich for you!

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  1. she is so passionate about everything - just one of several gifts she is using to bless the lives of others!


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