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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mein Herz gehört zum Bodensee

(translation: My Heart belongs to Lake Constance)

Can I just say I have gotten way too lucky with how beautiful my areas are?  I have fallen in love with the Bodensee and the surrounding areas!  On Tuesday we had an appointment in Konstanz and then walked through the innenstadt (downtown) to the harbor to wait for our train.  It is breathtaking here, holy cow!  I cannot believe how beautiful this area is!

     So you ready for a miracle?!?!
On Tuesday we took the bus to get to district meeting.  I sat across from two Old ladies (Singen is full of them.  I love talking to them, though) and we had a nice chat.  They got off of the Bus, when a woman from another country comes up to me and asks where I'm from.  I start explaining where I am from, what I am doing, etc.  I ask her if she wants to see our church, since we were heading that way anyways.  Sister Hammock and I take her there and give her a church tour, it was awesome.
     We ask to meet again on Friday, which we do, and show to her the restoration video.  She talked to us about how she really feels like she has no home.  She has green eyes, and even though she is asian, it makes her feel like she doesn't belong there and that she doesn't know where she belongs.  We vergleichen? (likened) (she is forgetting English) the story of Joseph Smith to her life and she really loved it.  It really hit home with her.
     We then invited her to church and she said she might not come.  We then promised her of the blessings that will come if she comes to church.  She said she'd try, but that she wasn't sure. 
We were pretty sure she wouldn't come to church, but we just knew how important it would be for her!  And how much it would help her!  So after fasting and prayer, we took off to church on Sunday, and during Relief Society, there she walks in the door!
     She LOVED church!  She said she felt beautiful there.  We met with her afterwards and talked to her about being baptized.  She said she needs a little time to decide, which we totally understand. 
     She is just the sweetest, most wonderful, cutest woman ever!  She is so humble and such a miracle in my life.  Even if she doesn't get baptized here in Singen (she goes back on the 18th) I will still be so grateful to be able to play a hand in the Lord's work.  Hopefully she will get baptized here, though, because it's really complicated for her to be baptized at home. (more on this beautiful story on Sister Hammock's blog: )
     Anyway, just want you to know that miracles do happen!  I found it so interesting, though, because I did nothing different.  I was doing my work the way I have been for months, but God blessed me with this tender mercy anyways.  Because He loves me.
     Actually, that's just it.  God loves us so much!  He really truly does!  He doesn't just love us when the miracles come, when things are going good.  The tokens of his love aren't things that are measurable at all, actually.  I think the greatest token of his love is that inner peace, that happiness that we feel inside of us regardless of our circumstances.
     That happiness is available to all, it's just a matter of us doing our part to feel it.

Man, I love being on my mission.  I just know this is exactly where I am supposed to be!  Don't worry, talking about going home doesn't make me trunky.  I am here and I am supposed to be here, but I also am supposed to go home in December and that is important and wonderful too :)
I love you so much, so, SO MUCH!
Sister Henry
Very happy surprise: "Elder Davies just surprised us!!!!  It was so hard not to give him a big hug! He was with his parents and his brother, it was so fun! His mom took a picture so hopefully you'll see it. Well you know me, I just get so excited!!!"
About World Cup and going for the USA:  "Oh everyone loved it!  Everyone in the city was talking with us, about us being missionaries too!  It was so fun!"

About her dear new companion: "Oh Sister Hammock and I are so funny!  We are such chatters, we can talk and talk for HOURS!  It's great!"
 American Food at the grocery store!!!!

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  1. what a great week for Sister Henry! I love how sincerely happy she looks in the pictures!


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