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Monday, July 14, 2014

Singen in the Rain

So the sun started shining yesterday for a little bit, but since last Monday it has been overcast and rainy.  I feel right at home :)  Actually it was dumping buckets a couple of hours ago.

 We went on a trip on the Bodensee to Konstanz for pday

I WENT TO FREIBURG! (photos at the end) It was so fun!  Just like coming home, I remembered EVERYTHING.  It's crazy how well you get to know a city as a missionary.  It was extra fun because it was Vanessa Bank's birthday when I was there, (I had no idea!) and I was able to surprise her and have a little birthday get together with her!  It was super fun working with Sister Bognar, too.  She is awesome, and my brain was working in Danglish the whole ride home and next day because we spoke such a mixture of English and German.

DEUTSCHLAND WON!  We slept with our window open to hear what was going on.  It was fun to hear everyone cheering from their apartments, but we ended up falling asleep before we heard the firework go off for the goal scored.  We woke up this morning to hear that we won and Sister Hammock and I started cheering we were so excited!!! This country deserves it, they're the best!

Yesterday we had our last lesson with L.  It was really sweet.  I really am going to miss her, she's going back to (her homeland) on Friday.  We did everything possible to give her ability to get in contact with the church where she lives.  It's up to her now to do the small step necessary to get in contact.  She really is just so special and will always be one of my dearest friends.  I love her so much!

 So this morning during my studies I read an interesting scripture in Jesus the Christ.  It's talking about when Christ washed the feet of his apostles.  There is a point where Peter says, "Thou needest not to wash my feet." The son of God is offering to wash his stinky, probably dirty feet.  Of course, he would say, Don't wash my feet! You don't need to do that, I can wash them!

I found it so beautiful what Christ replied to him, "If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me." 

That really stuck with me.  I just thought about what it really means to be a follow, lover, and disciple of Christ.  Christ didn't expect his apostles to be inside all day in their slippers, sitting on the couch, reading their favorite papyrus.  Rather, he expected the apostles to be out walking in the dirty streets, working, trying, and through that dirtying their feet.  He knew that that would happen, just in the nature of the lives of the apostles.

So, in a way it is pompous for us to expect ourselves to be without transgression.  To think that we do not need our feet to be washed by Christ.  We need to let him wash our feet.  We need to accept the atonement and have it play a part in our lives, you know?  He is kneeling there, with his towel wrapped like an apron, the basin of water in front of him and are we going to be kicking and screaming in our seat?  Or will we let ourselves have a part with him, let ourselves be perfected through his purpose and his mercy?

It just really stuck out to me because I am such a perfectionist.  I expect so much perfection from myself!  And yet, by thinking that I need to be perfect, I am denying Christ the opportunity to wash my feet.

I also have been reading the story of King David, man it is so crazy!!  They need to make a movie, it has just the best storyline.  His life must have been guided by God or something, it's so cool! (wink wink)

But I was really impressed by the Psalm he wrote in 2 Samuel 22.  So if you want to read something that will really fill your heart with gratitude, I would highly recommend this chapter.

Well, I gotta take care of some Missionary BYU endorsement stuff.  I love you!  Have a great week! I pray for you all and I love you all with all my heart!

Sister Henry

Care package! 
 My face on the way to Freiburg
 Reunited with beloved Frieburg friends!

 The view from the apartment
 V's birthday!!!

Blood blisters: symbol of a consecrated missionary

 Sherry Humor
 Deutschland won!

One of the members did her nails for the World Cup

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  1. One of my favorite letters of hers. Very powerful insight. She just radiates. I could meet her on the street - not knowing who she is - and I would be able to tell she was LDS because of the Spirit she has with her. I'm wondering if she'll be translated before she returns home :)


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