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Monday, July 7, 2014

Wer vertrauen hat, erlebt jeden Tag Wunder

(title in English: "Who to trust, experienced miracles every day")

What a week what a week!  I feel like the theme of this week should be Switzerland!  We went down to Zurich on Tuesday to meet with (stake) President Blaser, and it also happened to coincide exactly with the Switzerland soccer game!  We pulled into Bahnhof in Zurich right before the game, and there was a HUGE public viewing going on.  It was nuts!  After the meeting, we were wondering if Switzerland won.  We looked out the Straßenbahn window at a bar, and the people were all subdued.  That was our cue that they lost.  Which is a bummer but...
MACH'S WEITER DEUTSCHLAND! It is so fun to be here for the World Cup!  
We also got to meet President Kohler down in Winthertur this week!  It was so cool!  The Kohlers are AWESOME!  It was cool to see how different he is from President Miles, and how inspired it is.  President Miles has brought the mission to exactly where it needs to be right now, and President Kohler will bring the mission to right where it needs to be in 3 years.  Callings in the Church are so inspired!
So I am definitely an honorary member of the North-Singen old ladies club.  The other day on the bus I look up to get off, one of my great old lady neighbors that I have talked with before saw me, waved, and we had a total old lady chit chat at the bus stop before splitting our ways walking to our apartment.  I felt so cool.
I was studying the other day about the sons of Mosiah (naturally as I am a missionary) and when I was reading in chapter 28 I really thought about you, mom.  I read the part where the sons asked to go serve a mission, and then the response of the Lord to Mosiah to let them go.  It just made me think about you letting another child go and serve the Lord.  That's really cool that you are willing to do that.

I also have really started to learn that this work truly is in God's hands.  That's the only thing that makes sense as the work right now is going so great, and yet I am not doing any significant thing different!  I am just being Sister Henry, talking to people like Sister Henry does, doing missionary work like I always have, and improving just step for step.  But the work in this area goes forward so much easier!  It's nuts!  People actually have time to meet, and set up appointments!  It's so cool!  

It just really is a testimony to me that if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, and working hard, then I ought to be happy no matter how I feel the outward success is going.  My big focus right now on my mission is patience.  It's funny, because I studied it my first transfer (I think every Golden studies patience their first transfer) and because of that study I thought, "Oh yeah, I am a patient person.  I got that already."  Then I was doing the little self-assessment on the Christlike Attribute section, and the Christ like attribute I was struggling with significantly more than any other attribute was...Patience!  So, even though it goes against everything I know and how I feel as a person, I have been really trying to let go, not stress, and just be patient.  Even the thought about letting go to not stress stresses me out!  I have a long ways to go :)

Anyways, things are going great!  I love this area, it is so beautiful!  Sister Hammock rocks, we get along a little too great.  We will start chatting, and then an hour later we realize Dinner time is up and we haven't even washed our dishes!  But it's really fun to work with her.

I get to see Sister Clark AND Sister Peterson this week!  How did I get so lucky?

I love you!  Keep the faith!  I try not to get too excited about going home in December, but every now and then I just get so excited to give you a big hug again.  But it's great because then I get really happy and want to talk with everyone :)
I love you so much!

Sister Henry

On the train to Zurich! The home of her forefathers and mothers.
Sleepy Zone Leaders
Gathering watching World Cup


Beautiful Zurich.
With Elder Huby, who's mom is friends with her mom through the facebook group for moms of Alpine Missionaries, and we've been waiting for them to meet for over a year! They are from Monteux France. 
With Elder Stuart (from her district in Freiburg) and Elder Halversen (her ZL in Salzburg when she was STL there)
Personal Touch for Elder Stuart (that is what they call an act of kind service in their mission)
Sis. Hammock and Elder Mickelson I think on the train! 
HI Daddy, I will keep praying for you and the job front.  I fasted for you yesterday, it's not fun when things are so hard.

     I want you to know I am 100% okay with the idea of you moving to Provo or Orem!!!! THAT WOULD BE SO FUN!!!! I would love to have you near me while I am at school.  Just wanted you to know :)
     I love you, thanks for the story.  That's so cool that you were able to experience such a miracle through family search.  If I end up going to the temple here in Singen, I will let you know so I can do a family name.  Then they will have gone through the Swiss Temple, that would be cool :)
Love you



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  1. This letter felt different to me! Not in a good way or bad way just different! So glad she was able to meet Elder Huby and that Sister Hammock is from Utah Valley! She will have so many friends waiting for her here!


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