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Monday, August 25, 2014

Missions: A "Key" to Life Lessons

 Pday at Festungsruine Hohentwiel.

Some fun captions for this one from her Facebook page:
 ""Fly you fools..."  (Gandolf)
Wrong dang wish! to get that penny back before it hits the water!!!!! Oh my life!"
"Should have taken that frog up on his offer...""Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! "
"the things a missionary does to save one soul! Hey you guys, you sure someone lives down here?""So this is what a German baptismal font looks like..." "Elders, I think we have a problem!" ^^^
So funny story of the week: 
We went out on our morning jog, like every morning.  We have two sets of keys, and I decided to leave one set of keys on the inside of the door, since we had the other one.

Yeah, whoopsie. 

We got home, and couldn't get into the apartment.  Of course this was after our frühsport was finished.  It was probably around 6:50, 7:00 in the morning.  We decided to jog another 10 minutes or so, and go by on Oma to ask her to help us, since we had no phone, no coats, no contact lenses, haha.  We showed up, but she didn't answer the door.  Later we remembered that she was down at the temple all week this week.

So we looked at our other options and remembered the Lees (thank heavens for Ehepaares!)They live in a little Stadtteil from Singen called Friedingen, that is probably a 30-40 minute walk from our house.  They were really our only option, so we ended up doing an extra-double-wammy-bam frühsport and jogged all the way out to them.  I am sure the last thing Elder Lee expected at 8 in the morning was to have to just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-put-on-the-tennis-shoes sisters at his doorstep.
It all worked out, though, and we were able to eventually get a lock smith to open the door. I also learned my lesson, don't leave keys in the lock.
It was fun, and I kept the receipt from the locksmith as a memoir.
This week was really good, though.  We were able to teach a new investigator from Cameroon.  He is so cool!  He comes to appointments at least 15 minutes early, and he's just a man full of integrity.  We met with him on Tuesday and on Wednesday, and then on Friday he called Benj, our GML, and talked to him about how he really feels like the church is his chance to change his life for the better.  He came to church yesterday and we are meeting again on Tuesday.

It was fun because I was on Austausch (exchange) with Sister Hemmi when we taught him on Wednesday.  At the lesson we had B, J, and W as our joint teaches.  Sis Hemmi was pretty surprised that we had a lesson with three different joint teaches, but that is just how this little branch is!  They love sharing the gospel, and they do all that they can to share this happiness with others!
(Lunch with the Elders, Sister Hemmi, and new member Juliet and her son (not pictured))

We also had a cool experience meeting with two YSA's.  We met on Tuesday and then set up an FHE appointment for Thursday.  The Lees were going to have the four of us over, but Sister Lee got sick and it wasn't going to work.

I just couldn't let these girls go!  This FHE was important to them, to make them feel loved and needed.  So we had our own little FHE at the church, complete with BLTs, and a little FHE lesson at the end.  It was really cool, it was one of those times where I feel so humbled because the Lord let us be the ones to reach out.
We are meeting again this week, and I am super excited.  It is fun to meet with people around our age!
The Good Shepherd.

I would love to work for Vora in December! I think that Global Business minor would be really cool, add a business class to my schedule for this Winter, and then maybe it will give me an excuse to learn a third language!  Honestly, I feel like my degree will look diverse enough to help me get into graduate school.  It sort of explains me: fun, somewhat adventurous, a little crazy, but still capable of doing normal person things. haha. I really do love going to college.  I am pretty excited to be learning in a classroom again, especially now that I love studying.  Homework will be a lot more enjoyable after the mission haha.
Sorry, I don't have a ton of time this week, but I want you to know that I am definitely learning and growing.  Gosh, missions are just the best.  Life is just the best.  How lucky are we that we got to come here to this earth and experience this life?

We truly are blessed.

I love you all.  Thanks so much for your prayers and your love.

Sister Henry

That's our girl..................
Singen Distrikt

Photobombing Elder Sanft with Elder Allan


Good companions hold your hair for photos =)
Model of what the castle once was 

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  1. Loved the 'truly content' feel of this letter! and what beautiful pictures! Sister Henry rocks!


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