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Monday, August 4, 2014

One of the mysteries of the world revealed...

Have you ever wondered where the misspelled American T-Shirts go?  Think about it, someone makes a design, prints hundreds of T-Shirts, only to find out right before it goes to retail that there is a TYPO!  What happens to those hundreds of T-Shirts?  Do they suddenly disappear?
     I have for you the answer!  They send them to Germany!
     Seriously, I see it all the time.  Just today a kid was wearing a shirt that said "This is your own life.  Life your own life."  Unless there were some major adjustments made to the English language in the last year, life your own life doesn't make any grammatical sense.  I mean the concept itself is impossible.  You can't life a life, it takes a mom and a dad to life a life.  Unless America has suddenly invested into a huge cloning initiative.  Which if that's the case, then I have a bigger concern than the English language reform...
     This week was really good.  I actually decided to do something different last night.  Elder Sardoni called to collect our key indicators for the week, and instead of reporting "Yeah, we had this many lessons, or this many referrals..." I decided to say, "Guess what Elder Sardoni?!  We got to teach this many lessons this week!  And that's not even the best part!  We had the opportunity to learn about these many people who may be interested in the Church!  But that's not all, we found this many people this week who hadn't heard about the church before AND want to meet again!"
     It totally changed my evening around, it was so fun!  That's the true principle of accountability, anyway.  Preach My Gospel even mentions it, we should have a DESIRE to account for our work.  It makes the work more fun anyway :)
     We had the coolest thing happen at the L's.  This was before Sister Hammock was transferred.  We showed up, and Sister Lwasn't there, but T, the youngest answered the door.  He invited us in, and since all the kids and Sis. L's sister was there, we decided to go  in.  T sat us at the table, and we asked him if we should teach a lesson.  He perked up and said, "Of course!  You can teach ME!"  All of the kids ended up joining in and it was a great appointment! It is so cool to see how the faith of a child is really strengthening an entire family.
Sister Kutschke is here!  I don't know how I get so lucky with my companions!  I am already learning tons from her, one of those things is, "HOLY COW I HAVE BEEN ON MY MISSION A YEAR AND STILL CAN'T SPEAK GERMAN!"  Haha just kidding.  But it's so fun having a German companion that can really help me improve.  We only speak in German with each other, too, so I am hearing the language even more. 

But seriously, she is just the sweetest, most gentle and humble person I know.  I am excited for this next era of my mission with her :)
     I have one more thought because I have to wrap it up.  I was reading in Omni today and it mentions in verse 26: "..Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him.."
     I thought about that and thought of how literally I have found no greater happiness than the happiness that has come as I have striven to offer all of my soul, my desires, my difficulties and my pleasures up to him.  There is a freedom that comes, and a happiness that floods our lives as he show our trust in him by laying it all on the altar.
     I think lately I have also learned a lot about how prayer is a great tool to do so.  I have found myself praying more often when I have negative feelings or things are feeling overwhelming.  Even if it's just small things, I go into the bathroom, or the bedroom or wherever, and just start conversing with my Heavenly Father, you know, sort of filling him in on how I feel.  It's really changed how I feel, it's like my load has become even lighter.  Every single time I do that, without a doubt, I feel that lightening feeling.
     God really does love us. I really know he does!  I am just so happy to be a missionary.  Have I ever told you that?  I am just so happy, it's ridiculous!
I love you!
Sister Henry
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  1. This post had me laughing! What a sense of humor! Love her perspective - I think it is right on! Cute pictures too!


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