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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The POWER of Chocolate Chip Cookies

 First investigator she has seen from beginning to baptism
Sherry and J
 (she is officially the Elders' baptism but they taught her together)
Sis Kutschke, K-J, J, Sister Henry, Oma V. Thank you so much for sending photos, Oma V! <3
Singen Branch Missionaries: Elder Mickelson, Sister Henry, Sister Kutschke, Elder Allan

So I don't know if you could tell, but last Monday I was just having a rough day.  Every now and then I just get overwhelmed and stressed, the flood gates open and I have a bad day.  It's usually not on Pday, but this time it was. j I am still trying to decide if it's because I am a missionary, or simply because I am a woman ;)  But it's all good, it's good to emotionally drain and refresh every now and then, and this week was so refreshing.

But something really REALLY funny happened on Monday.  We are all done with emails, we head back home to just clean and rest for Pday.  After a couple of hours, we make our way over to the grocery store to get our weekly groceries.  I was still feeling just really on edge and emotional.  Anyways, we are at the fruit isle when I man comes up and asks if we are Mormon.  I say yes, he asks if we're from America, I say I am and Sis. K is from Darmstatt, etc.  The usuals. 
He starts talking about some trips he took around America and it slowly turns from the things he enjoyed to all of the reasons he does not like America and will never visit America again or buy anything made in America.

Now, normally I can take this.  We joke that Sister Kutschke brought bad luck, because lately there have just been a lot more people getting upset  with me for being American.   Anyways, he keeps ranting and I just go, "Sir, I am sorry.  I can not handle this today." and I just start crying.  Right there, next to the apples and the plums, I am crying in a grocery store however many thousand miles away from home. (5345 miles)
Poor guy, he felt SO BAD.  He didn't think twice that I would be upset from what he said.  He wasn't trying to be mean at all, he was just stating his opinion which he is totally entitled to.  Oh I felt so bad, because he felt so bad.
Anyways, he apologizes, we talk a little bit, I explain I am just having a hard day and sometimes it's hard from me, etc. etc.  The next day we open our Post box and what is inside?  A little box of chocolates with a note "I am sorry to have make you cry" on it.  I

It turns out he's our neighbor, and when we go jogging in the morning, he is usually out for his morning smoke.  We chatted the other day and also brought him some cookies.  Yep, Winfried and I are totally buds.

We also brought cookies to the woman underneath us, and we are so tight now.  I give her a hug just about every time I see her.  I love love LOVE being friends with the people here.  Germans are just the best!  They are the best friends in the world.  AKA I am so lucky to have Sister Kutschke as my companion.  It's a blast.

Oh the other funny part was that most of the chocolate had alkohol in it (there were a couple pieces without thankfully).  Our neighbor from downstairs also brought us some thank you gift.  It was these two cute Elderblossem drinks with a little bit of lime and mint in it.  We were so excited to drink them, after making sure they weren't alcoholic.  We sat down to dinner, were about to open them up, and then Sister Kutschke noticed right next to the label a little 6,9%.  So, we didn't end up drinking those ones haha
J was baptized this weekend!  She's an investigator from the Elders, I am sure Sis Hammock gave you the downlow, but she is AWESOME.  Seriously, she is like an angel that fell out of the sky.  It was a beautiful service, and it was so cool to be able to watch her take that step.  It once again testified to me, that this life is all about those steps.  About making those covenants and then making the small steps every day to keep those covenants and come closer to Him. J is so cool, gosh, missions are just the best.
Like I said, this week was a refreshing week.  We had Zone training, and it was a ton of fun to be able to just sit back, take notes, and enjoy what the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders had prepared.  Sister Packer and Sister Hemmi did awesome, I get to go on Tausch with Sister Hemmi this week and I am pretty dang excited.  They are two powerhouse missionaries.  

We also got to go to the temple, which was GREAT!  I loved every moment of it.  It was also cool, because it made me want to go out and be a missionary.  I am excited for when I get to go to the temple as often as I want, but I also know that this time really is the time for me to focus my work on the living.

Interviews were FANTASTIC.  The Kohler's are just the best!  Seriously, they were called by inspiration.  They are the best.
Yep, so it was a very spiritually rejuvenating week.  I feel like I am all balanced inside again.  Today we're going to go to Hohentwiel, so I will take lots of pictures!
I love you all!  I know that as we continue to learn truths and move closer to God, we will grow brighter and brighter in happiness with every step.  It's like when the sun rises slowly but ever so surely until all of a sudden, you realize that you are living in a perfectly clear noon day.  You didn't realize in the moment how bright it was become, but then looking back you can't help but realize how warm it's all become.

Oh, my brain is getting messed up with so much German.  I say English words in my German sentences, and German words in my English ones without noticing.  They just slip out.  It's fun, though.  Sister Kutschke and I joke that there are a lot of jealous missionaries because I get to work with a German speaker ;)
I love you!
Sister Henry
 PS  I loved to hear more about your visits with my comps and Preston!  It's so fun you got to see everyone! Thanks for being so great and getting to know the other people I love. Oh and I want you to know I am learning a lot about patience with myself, speaking German all the time.  It was really hard for me last week just adjusting to making mistakes all day long, I felt like a golden again.  But it's better now, I am adjusting.  I just thought you would like that I am learning that lesson :)
   Oh yeah, I play the piano all the time now, last minute too.  I played for the baptism.  It is hard for me to comprehend that I wouldn't play when people asked someone to play, how funny is that?

Finding Day in Überlingen
Oma, Sis Kutschke, Sis Henry, Sis Lee, Elder Lee (the Lees are from Tri-Cities in Washington)
With Sis Kutschke and Oma by Bodensee on the Finding Day 
With Elder Sanft, a Golden who is from Portland!

She french braided her companion's hair
A PIGEON (her patronus)
Sherry being Sherry
Kim-Joy in her dirndl and Elder Mickelson 

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