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Monday, September 29, 2014

The "BEST" Mission in the World!

   (the weather has changed!)

Pday today!

Visiting Schwenningen for the Women's Conference Broadcast Sunday

Sherry has a dear friend in Kim-Joy, the Branch President's daughter. She loves to take photos with her, and with her camera, each week at church =)

First of all,

Singen is awesome.  I just feel so blessed to be in an area with such wonderful hearts! Yesterday was a really great day at church, not only did we have quite a few investigators with us, but the spirit of love that you feel with this little branch here is the best.  You can't help but feel at home when you walk in on Sunday.

Reading President's email today brought something to my mind that I thought would be great to share.

So I read an article in the Church News a little while back about the new mission presidents and their training.  One of the things they were told to do was to tell their Missionaries that they are in the best mission in the world. 
I thought it was kinda funny.  Here you have hundreds of mission presidents all over the world telling their missionaries that THEIR mission is the best in the world.  Every time I would hear it here in my mission I would just sort of chuckle to myself, as I knew that, for example, up there in Frankfurt, they were hearing the same thing.
Well it dawned on my today, just about 15 minutes ago, this really is the best mission in the world.  It is the best mission because it isn't the Alpenländische Mission, or the Tokyo mission, or the Vancouver, WA, USA mission.  It is the best mission in the world because, in fact, it is all one mission!  Yes, for logistical purposes there are mission boundaries, but in reality, there are no boundaries to this mission.  This mission is borderless and eternal.  It is the exact mission that read about in Moses 1:39  "For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."
This mission his His mission.  It is the mission of the most almighty, expansive, all knowing, and magnificent being in the universe.  His mission is just as Großartige as He is.  Now that, my friends, is something cool.
In this sense, then what does it mean to be a missionary?  Well, if His mission is borderless and eternal, then you may best bet that his mission doesn't just last 18 or 24 months on this earth.  It is so much more than just putting on your little black name tag and talking to people about the Gospel.

This mission is to help people discover who they are.  Whose they are!  It is to help people take their vision from their shoes and look up to their creator, to their loving Father.  It is to help people learn how to enjoy that beautiful sunset behind the rolling vineyards and oak trees, knowing that that sunset was put there just for them at that moment, to enjoy and cherish.
Really, this mission is hope.  It is hope that there is something better and something bigger than what we can see.  It is also the hope that comes from the knowledge that we can change.  I treasure that knowledge as much as any other principle that I have come to learn of in my life.

      I don't know about you, but for me Change and Hope are intertwined.  I can't hope for anything, if I don't think anything will ever change.  I also can't change anything, including myself, unless I have hope that some greater power than myself will assist me in the task to do so.
This mission is the best thing that will ever happen to you, you just gotta let yourself do it.
Man, I love the Gospel.  I love just being alive and being on this planet, you know?  As Elder Mickelson would say, "We are so blessed!"

I love you!
Sister Henry
A little note from Sister Kohler, the Mission President's wife, after I sent her a card:
"When I am with the missionaries I always think of my daughter and it just makes me love them even more than I already do.  Your daughter is such a ray of sunshine in the mission.  She is always happy, and smiling and cheerful.  I love it when I get to see her!  You must be so proud of her.  You should be!  She is a great missionary and I can tell that she blesses everyone around her."

Sherry has a dear friend in Kim-Joy, the Branch President's daughter. She loves to take photos with her, and with her camera, each week at church =)


  1. what a treasure Sister Henry is! That is so sweet of her to play with KimJoy like that... Loved her deep insight into the Change and Hope...AND she is beautiful even when she pulls faces :)

  2. She makes me laugh, every time I see a picture. I am sure the Members and Non-Members alike all LOVE Sister Henry how could anyone not love this happy lady?


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