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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Errand of Angels

Always nice to have help from the locals in the work of Salvation!

I am pretty sure I have written about this before, but I will write about it again.  There are times on your mission (and in life in general) where you shake your head and think, "We're the Angels."
We went to the bus stop this morning, and said Good morning to the lady sitting on the bench.  I remembered I needed to call Juliet about being a Joint Teach for today, so I stepped away to do that. While on the phone, I heard the lady say something to Sister Kutschke.  We got on the bus and I asked Sister Kutschke what the lady said.  Do you know what she said?  "I don't want to sound strange, but you two young girls are so pure.  You are just so pure." 

On the bus she talked a little more to Sister Kutschke, and then a couple of stops later, got off with just such a happy countenance.  That somehow, that good morning and seeing these two young Sisters just made her entire day.
I am just thinking about this, you know?  A member once talked about how the world seems to get darker and darker, and because of that, people notice the light of the missionaries more and more.
Pretty amazing mural


I don't think this applies to just missionaries, I think everyone of us can be that light.  We have the capability inside of us.  But light comes from God, and God is goodness and truth.  So in order to radiate and carry this light, we need to be good and strive for the things that are true.  We can't be Good and bad, we can't do dark things and radiate light.  It just doesn't work that way.
I sincerely believe that everyone comes into this world with the desire to be good and do good.  People want to be lights, they want to be happy and pure.  They just get lost, just like the people Lehi talks about in his vision of the tree of life.  We get distracted, we get stuck.  We are beings who are weak, fallen, mortal, and therefore imperfect.
But it is so cool, because we CAN be good, we CAN change!  I have seen it on my mission.  I have seen it in others, but mostly in myself.  Here is an example.
My nickname at home is Sher Bear, but occasionally I bear the title of Sher the Bear.  That is because the last thing you want to do in the morning is wake, "Sher the Bear".  I mean, I was the prime example of the word "Böse" (evil) if you tried to get me out of bed in the morning.

In college it got a little better, probably because I didn't have to get out of bed until 9 or 10 on a school day.  Although, even then I struggled.  I skipped class at least once a week because I simply could not get the motivation to get out of bed.  I wanted to but I couldn't.

I was super worried about coming on a mission, because I knew I was signing up for 18 months to get up at 6:30 EVERY MORNING.  Also, I wouldn't have a Mom or Dad to drag me out of bed.  I wouldn't have classes that I could justify sleeping in through.  On my mission I knew that I would need to get out of bed, but I also knew that it's a weakness of mine.
After getting set apart as a missionary, I really prayed to be able to get up at 6:30.  I told God, "Look.  I can not do this on my own.  I simply cannot.  I know that I, Sherry Henry, will not be able to get myself out of bed at 6:30 every morning for 18 months."  But I also knew that God is God, and with his help, when it is his purpose, everything is possible.

I can proudly tell you that I have been exactly obedient, 100% obedient, when it comes to arising every morning on my mission. I know with certainty that so far on my mission, there has not been a single morning where the alarm has gone off and I haven't gotten on my knees to pray.  Now, sometimes during those prayers I start to doze. I won't try and claim that I am perfect.  But I am obedient, I promise.
I just know from the bottom of my heart that God has made that possible.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I didn't change myself.  God changed me.  As I have taken my light and tried to cleave unto his, my light has had the opportunity to grow.  That growth has changed me, and helped me do things that I could never have before dreamed of!
If we turned off the music, the tv, the cars, and the noises of the world and truly asked ourselves what we want, I have a feeling that we would all answer with the same desire.  We all want to be a light, a true, pure, and loving person. A Christlike person. 
We can't do it on our own, and we don't have to.  I think we all know that too.  For some it's just a little deeper than others. 
Anyways, I just love my mission.  But even more than that, I am so grateful for life.  It is the hardest, craziest, roughest, most marvelous, extraordinary and spectacular gift God could ever give us. 
I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for the lights in my life.  Every person I have been blessed to come in contact with these last 20, almost 21 years, has influenced me into the happy Sister Missionary I am today.  Have a great week!

Sister Henry

 Our Day of the Open Door!  It was super fun, we had 25-30 visitors come and see the church, etc.!  It was basically a big party.  The man is an old investigator of mine from Freiburg, who lives in Bad Säckingen, and came to our aktivity to visit me!  

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  1. Loved the testimony with the sense of humor added! She is a great missionary!


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