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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fish Eyes!

Meet the new Resident Assistant at the FLSR (she will live in the German House) at BYU! (the one in lederhosen)

Sister Henry with good friend Elder Mohn! An awesome missionary who knows how to work hard with JOY!

Elder Sanft, a good friend from Konstanz, and Sister Henry who looks very short and very white haha
So one of our investigators is from Nigeria and promised to cook for us this week.  Africans seriously cook some of the best food.  He made us some rice with chicken and fish and some other stuff in it.  Well, Africans just sort of throw in the whole chicken wing or the whole fish into the rice, they don't pull out the bones or anything.  I was the lucky one to get the scoop with the fish's head in it!

Now as I was looking at this cooked fish head I thought to myself, "I only have five weeks to do make crazy mission stories" and therefore dug right in.  Eventually I got to a brown squishy part, honestly I think it was the fish's brains.  It could have been the gills, too, though.  Then, working my way up the head I realized that the fish still had both eyes!  The Konstanz elders were with us and I looked over to Elder Sanft (he is Tongan) who said, "It's just like the Islands.  You can eat the eyes too!"  So I did it!  Check it out world, Sister Henry ate for the first time in her life not one, but TWO fish eyes!  It was awesome.  Didn't even taste bad!
I was trying to recognize a creepy German man story for Sister Bozzo this week when I realized that I don't think I even recognize when old men are creepy because I have gotten so used to it!  Seriously, I mean we get cute little, kinda creepy compliments from old men all the time.  But something that did happen this week is Sister Kutschke got trapped by an old man in the train who didn't stop talking the entire fifteen minutes about how he was tortured in his childhood orphanage.  Yeah, if I were a better companion I would have rescued her.  But I am not so I just sat there laughing at how hard Sister Kutschke was trying to somehow politely leave the conversation.  He was nice, though.  Just a little bit on the loony side.
So let me share with you something really cool about Singen.  You know, sometimes I think as members of the church we see people come in with the missionaries to investigate the church and we kinda of put them in a category.  Okay, this person will be a contributor, they will be a rock solid addition to the ward!  Yeah!  We love them!  And then sometimes we are naturally a little hesitant and think, "yeah, that person is probably just coming to get money or food.  We'll see if they're still there by this time next year." 

i don't think we mean to be judgmental at all.  We are just human, all of us, and naturally we have to discern the needs and in a way make a judgment when we interact with others.  But sometimes as a missionary you can get a little frustrated when you feel like your ward or branch is  sort of rejecting your investigator. 

Well I will tell you why this little Singen branch is defying the norm and is just a little fire here in Southern Baden-Wurttemberg.  I was talking with our branch president and he mentioned that in their last branch presidency meeting they talked about 3 Nephi 17:6-9 and that no matter what, everyone is welcome into our branch.  Everyone is welcome into the church. 

The verse says:

6 And he said unto them: Behold, my bowels are filled with compassion towards you.
 7 Have ye any that are sick among you? Bring them hither. Have ye any that are lame, or blind, or halt, or maimed, or leprous, or that are withered, or that are deaf, or that are afflicted in any manner? Bring them hither and I will heal them, for I have compassion upon you; my bowels are filled with mercy.
 8 For I perceive that ye desire that I should show unto you what I have done unto your brethren at Jerusalem, for I see that your faith is sufficient that I should heal you.
 9 And it came to pass that when he had thus spoken, all the multitude, with one accord, did go forth with their sick and their afflicted, and their lame, and with their blind, and with their dumb, and with all them that were afflicted in any manner; and he did heal them every one as they were brought forth unto him.
I just thought that that was so cool.  I feel like that scripture really echoes the heart of a true christian mindset.  Everyone is welcome to come unto Him.  I would much rather get in trouble after this life for having too much hope in people's ability to change than getting in trouble for having too little.
I just was so impressed.  So impressed!
The gospel is good, it is for everyone.  It is the only thing in this world that is truly one size fits all.  I just love being a missionary, I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I love simply being alive!  God really loves us, I know he does.  Even though sometimes it is hard to feel, he loves us.
I love you!


Sister Henry


  1. I love reading her emails, they are so uplifting and happy. What a great story about the Fish eyes...that made my whoel day. :-)

  2. I like how she let her companion talk with the older German man! That will be good for that Sister later on. I can picture it now - 8 months down the road - the companion doing the same thing with another companion...I love hearing about these missionary experiences. Now, what will I do in Dec without this blog?


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