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Monday, November 24, 2014

I must be going home next week?

Bern, Switzerland Temple

Elder Huby did a workshop for the investigators at the temple, so they were able to visit for quite a while and say "see you later."
Great photo with some of her African friends!
 I keep on having people give me little abschied (farewell) gifts and letters, and it's the craziest thing.  I must be going home next week or something.  But see, for all of your it's like "Wow, Sherry only has 11 days left!"  for me it's like, "Oh yeah, Sister Henry, we still got 11 full days out here!"  Haha what a mind game the end of the mission is.  But it is good, it's very good.

So I totally forgot my planner which means that I am a little scatter brained today for emails.  I did remember to email Sasha, so that is what's important.   I was brushing my teeth the other night and thought, "I should totally email Sasha: What are you doing for new years?  Me too! "  You know, because we will be together for new years again.  Yeah, don't worry, I emailed her that joke today.
Wow, a ton happened this week.  It was my last Zone training meeting, which meant I gave my testimony.  I felt a little jipped because I had already talked so much during the meeting as a sister training leader so the testimony wasn't quite as special.  But it was still wonderful to give some final words to my friends before I die.  Like a voice crying out of the dust.  I didn't cry, unfortunately.  You know, still working on the whole crying during testimony thing ;)  It was actually really strange, I was giving my final testimony, and I knew I was giving my final testimony, and it still didn't feel like I was giving my final testimony.
We had a stake temple day on Saturday!  Markus and Erwin came and so we and the elders had to decide to go in and do a session or stay with our investigators in a little workshop.  It was really cool because we all decided to stay out and do work for the living.  It was super fun and I still went away with a full heart.  I mean, there will be numerous times I will go into the temple and do missionary work for those on the other side.  But I don't know when I will ever be able to help teach an investigator about the temple on the temple grounds.

It was also fun because I got to say some last goodbyes to some of my best best best Freiburg friends.  Man, I love them so much.

I just don't even know what else to share.  I mean, I just feel so blessed.  Continually and continually I just think about how much trusting in the Lord has blessed my life.  That's kinda what I shared in my testimony.  I think the #1 thing I have learned on my mission is that I don't want to live my life for me anymore.  I want to be able to give up everything to the Lord to let him guide and direct my life.  I want to be like King Lamoni's Father and be so willing to give up everything, that I am able to have everything and more.  I think of him and of the rich young ruler in the bible and just think about how different their hearts must have been.  Lamoni's father was willing to offer up everything and the Lord then didn't require him to.  The young ruler was offered to let go of everything and strive for what is truly important, but he couldn't. 

I love both the King James version and the Joseph Smith Translation of Luke 9:24
The King James Version reads:
24 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.
I feel like being able to go on a mission really brings home this principle.  For a time you do lose your life.  You lose your friends, your comforts, your social skills (in a way haha) and a lot of the things that simply make you YOU.  Sometimes you lose even friends, or loved ones, or opportunities, or dreams.  But any returned missionary will tell you it is all worth it.  Because by losing all of those things for that time the Lord has allotted to you, you really save your life, and your dreams, and your aspirations.
I think the Joseph Smith Translation applies to life not on the mission very well:
 24 For whosoever will save his life, must be willing to lose it for my sake; and whosoever will be willing to lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.
     For the most part, God won't ask us to give up those comforts and things we have in our lives.  We aren't expected to live by the white handbook; only talk to Mom once a week through email, etc.  But he shouldn't have to have to take those things away for us to be able to give them up.  God expects us to live sort of a higher law.  To live in a world where we do have these conveniences and comforts. He expects us--even with our iphones chiming over our new text message, or our flat screen tv playing yesterdays football game--to keep a heart that is willing to give it all up at any moment.  To keep a heart that would put it all on the altar at the Savior's beckon.
     In a way, that is harder way to live.  To not have to be compelled to give it all up.  But it is also such a blessed way to live.  Think about King Lamoni's father, he had so much temporally and spiritually, all because he was willing to give it up.  He was able to accomplish so much good and experience so many blessings, all because his heart was willing.
     My only concern now is that I hope I never forget this lesson my mission has taught me.  I just hope that I will always be willing to give my whole heart to the Lord.  You know, because we are weak and make mistakes, I probably won't be able to all the time.  But I can always repent and try to give a little more to him each day.  I mean, I got all eternity, I am sure eventually I will get there!
     Yeah, the mission is the best.  It was definitely the right thing for me to do and the right time for me to do it.  I mean I have just learned so much and I really feel like I am starting to see more and more of who God wants me to become.  Hopefully I am smart enough to let myself become her.
Last Zone Conference!
I love you all so much!  Maybe I will have to keep a blog just so I can have spiritual thought vomit every week still :)
Have a great week!
Sister Henry

Hi Daddy!  That's funny that Mom is already so emotional.  I don't think it has really sunk in for me yet, and I don't know if it will sink in until they close that plane door.  But that's okay because it will be sad but that sad part is good too.

Oh we played 4 on 4 basketball for pday today the Americans vs. the Europeans.  The Americans won :)  Thought you'd be proud.
It sounds like you had so much fun in Utah.  I think it is so cool that you get to travel for work.  I know Mom doesn't love it, but I think it's been really good for you too.  I just am so happy you and Mom are my parents.  You're the best!
Tell Grandma and Grandpa I say hi!  That will be fun to be in Eugene for Thanksgiving. 
Thanks for being such a good Dad, Daddy.  The four of us have turned out pretty good so far, but it's because we have the best parents in the world.

Love you!


Lots of fun photos from her final Zone Conference and a trip to the Aquarium in Konstanz:
Sherry has always been afraid of Sturgeon haha

With Elder and Sister Bignall, the ehe paar in the Freiburg District =)

Elder Wilkins 

She looks so giddy haha

Photobomb by Elder Allan

With "her" sisters

Elder Morey and I don't know who the other missionary is, sorry!

With Elder Mohn! 

Crazy times on the train


  1. I am really going to miss her emails. Monday's aren't going to be the same anymore!!

  2. She had some wonderful insights! Loved the pictures too. It was great to see Elder Morey. I haven't seen or heard about him since he was Dawson's comp in the MTC! 11 more days Lisa!


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