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Monday, November 10, 2014

Swiss #missionaryproblems

Sister Henry in Liechtenstein, the fifth of the five countries of her mission 
With Sis Lee and Sis Kutschke at one of Liechtenstein's castles

Sister Lee sent this photo, during an Austellung they met these awesome musicians from Ecuador and Peru and visited with them. Sis Lee bought their CD!
See you later visit with Oma <3 
So I am not sure if I have said this before but my favorite FAVORITE chocolate bar is just the normal generic chocolate from Migros.  Migros is the huge grocery store in Switzerland, and we had one in Freiburg.  We would always buy our chocolate there, I even sent you some last year I am pretty sure. Anyways, I told the Konstanz Elders if they are ever down at Migros to pick me up some.
On Tuesday at District meeting Elder Sanft gave us two bars, one with chocolate hazelnut and then the other one was a cool chocolate truffle bar.  Elder Sanft pointed to the latter and said that that was his favorite.  I decided to take the hazelnut one and Sister Kutschke the other one.
The next day or so we were sitting at our desks eating our chocolate.  Sister Kutschke looks to me and says, "This chocolate tastes a little funny."  (I am sure Uh-oh just went through your mind).  I ask her if she looked to see if there is alkohol and she replied that she had read the ingredient list and saw none.  I looked it over and we agreed we couldn't find any alkohol.  So we assumed maybe it was just the cherry flavoring tastes weird.
I decided to taste a stuck and thought, okay, this is DEFINITELY not cherry flavoring.  We look on the back again and in the tiny little corner it said "Includes Alcohol."  Gosh dangit!  We were a little astonished..and then started busting up laughing because the ELDERS had given it to us!

We called up Konstanz and asked how much of that chocolate they ate.  They said they liked to split the bar between them.  It was pretty funny when we explained to them that there was alcohol in the chocolate.  If I were on twitter I would totally write #missionaryproblems right now.
But in reality it was a really great, slightly crazy, week.  Actually, I look to the next few weeks and they all seem like they will be really great and slightly crazy.  But that is just the life of a missionary anyways!
But I had a really cool study experience this week!  I was reading forward in the Old Testament (Have I said lately how much I absolutely LOVE the Old Testament) in Nehemiah and something really impressed me.  There is a point in Chapter 9 where the priests are recounting the goodness of God and praising him and they recall the story of the Children of Israel as they leave Egypt.  They say,
Yet thou in thy manfold mercies forsookest them not in the wilderness: The pillar of cloud departed not from them by day, to lead them in the way; neither the pillar of fire by night, to shew them light, and the way wherein they should go.
I was just so impressed because God, he is God.  He could have directed the children of Israel however he wanted to.  But He decided to lead them in a way that the Children of Israel could always recognize that he was leading them.  He loved them so much that he let them see his hand in their lives and made himself as visible as he could while still respecting their agency and faith. 
I feel like it is totally the same in our lives, you know?  God wants to lead us and guide us and direct us.  I think about how all I can really see ahead right now is about 3 months.  I have no idea what is going to happen after I get back into the groove of school.  It's not like my mission where for 18 months I knew pretty much about what I would be doing every day of the week.  

But that's okay because God will never hide himself from us!  With faith it is impossible for him to do so.  Because if we have faith we can look at a beautiful sunset and see him, or look at that tiny flower plant in the window and see him, or read a verse of scripture and in a way see him.  So, even though life is unknown most of the time, we don't need to fear because his pillar of cloud or pillar of fire is ALWAYS lighting our way.
Actually that is one of the reasons I love the Old Testament.  I feel like the underlying theme is, "Be strong and courageous."  God loves us, he wants us to find him and come back to him.  We just have to open our eyes, and our ears, and our hearts to him.  But I know he is there.

MLC was a lot of fun, and Sister Winters and I chatted and got excited to live together :)  I am excited for school again, I feel like it will be the next adventure!  Especially because I have no idea what will happen after this semester.
I just love my mission so much.  I know everything is going to be okay in life, you know?  I cried a little bit at Mission Leadership Council because I just sat there thinking about how much I love my mission.  I am just so grateful for it that I get emotional thinking about it.  Can you imagine if I hadn't gone?  I will probably be sad when I get home, but just a happy sad because I am so grateful this all has happened.

 Oh we had 3 investigators give testimonies in church yesterday! It was African Sunday, we are totally going to have to open up an English branch.  It's pretty fun.
Oh yeah, Liechtenstein was cool :)  It was just good to be in my Alps again.  Actually, when we were driving back from Munich I looked over at the Alps and just got that gratitude again.  I think the Alps will always be a very special reminder to me about these 18 months.
Sister Henry

Soon to be roommate Sister Winters! 

Goodbye Partying at Oma Sister Voigt's house =)

Elder Bartholomew was on exchanges with Elder Allan, they are all taking German together this semester it sounds like

Music down the lane at the street display on Saturday! 

Mission Leadership Council

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  1. I love how she studies and knows the Old Testament. I have seen that so much in her letters! What a great mission!


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