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Monday, November 17, 2014

There is intestine in my intestine!

Pday visit to the Konstanz Aquarium 
Hello family!  Lets start off with the story I wrote in my planner I wanted to tell to you about so bad:
We went over to teach one of the Elders investigators who is getting baptized soon, and after the lesson they invited us to eat. Our host made us a big plate of rice with spicy tomato sauce and meat on the top.

It was pretty good, pretty spicy, and then I picked up a piece of meat and asked what it is.  She said, "Intestine" and I thought to myself, "I already ate fish eyes, intestine here I come!"  It was pretty weird, hairy on one side and super chewy.  but I think the craziest part is, I still don't know from what animal my chunk of intestine came from.  I forgot to ask.

Anyway, by now it's not there anymore, but I laughed to myself thinking that there was intestine in my intestines :)

Oh another Story I wrote to tell you!  So we went to Zurich this last week (it was weird to think it would be my last time in the church building there) to meet with President Blaser.  On the way down I was talking to a guy in the train and guess what?  He asked me if I have Swiss forefathers and you know what I said?  As a matter of fact I do!  But a Long LONG time ago.  And you know what he said, he could see it in my face.  I suppose I just have that Swiss glow.  And now we know where my milk drinking gene came from.  And my patriotism.  The only country I have seen who has patriotism which rivals that of America is Switzerland.  Anyways, I thought that was kind of fun.  It was also cool because he was reading and I wasn't going to talk to him, you know, quiet train, random stranger, looks busy.  But I started up a conversation and it turns out the missionaries actually came over to his house and visited him a long time ago!  He had been so confused why they didn't drink their coffee so I was finally able to put his mind at ease and let him know we don't drink coffee.  It was a great conversation.

But of course, unfortunately missions are not all Train rides and chocolate.  This week I was pretty bummed out and stressed out and worried.  Just worrying about the future, weighed down that I am not good enough, what if I haven't served well enough?  What if I screw it up these last couple of weeks and my whole Mission is a fail?  Just really negative thinking and feeling.  It sort of creeped up on me out of nowhere, but it really weighed me down for a few days actually.  It sort of felt like I was stuck in a box and the lock was on the outside. 

Just like all other hard times, I did all that I knew how and that means I just got on my knees and prayed.  Then I would mess up, maybe get angry, do something wrong, and get on my knees again.  And again.  Oh and again.  Don't forget about that one time.  Oh yeah, mhmm, then as well.  It felt like every prayer was bouncing off of the ceiling right back at me and I was just really struggling.

But just like always, eventually the relief came, because it always comes.  I knew the whole time it would.  Maybe I could have held onto that hope and pulled myself up and made myself happy, but I don't know if I actually could have.  Sometimes our hard things are just too hard for us to face alone, a lot of the times.  I firmly believe that God is the only one who can help me sometimes, and I know He does help me.  I feel it in my heart, I can feel when the Atonement of the Savior kicks in and washes me from the inside out.  It is a physical feeling when all of the guilt and sadness and yuckiness goes away.  I can say that because I really have felt it, and we can all feel it!

Man, missions are just the best!  I am super excited to go home, but I also am super grateful for every Moment I have left here.  I just love it, going on a Mission was the best decision I have made so far in my life.  It really has changed my life for the best.  Our Stake President shared in our Meeting with him that his Mission really just branded the Gospel into him, like a Rancher does to his cattle.  I really feel that way as well.

I won't be going to Freiburg this week but I will see many of the members at Stake Temple Day on Saturday. 

I love you all!  have a great week!

Sister Henry
Sherry's dad was able to go back to his mission area in Queens NY this week and visit a lady he'd taught who was baptized.
Hi Dad!
     THAT IS SO COOL that you got to go back to your district area!  I can't wait to do that in a few years.  of course it will be a little harder for me to go back to the old Mission Areas, and a little more expensive ;)  But I am sure God will give me the opportunity like he gives to you.
     I had something funny I wanted to share with you.  There is one big building here in Singen, with probably about 15 stories.  On the 9th floor or so is a gym.  My question is, do you think the People walk up the stairs to go work out or take the Elevator?  Even better, I wonder if they have a stair climbing machine in the gym.  Hahaha that would be funny.
     I love you and I can't wait to talk about missions when I get home.  Thanks for always telling us stories about yours and raising us to love missions.
love you!

Sher Bear


  1. First Fish Eyes now Intestines, I couldn't do it. She is lucky that it was near the end of her mission when she started getting all the 'creative' foods. She is brave! I will miss her letters and insights, such a great spirit she has. You are one lucky mom!

  2. Her letters are so Great. I can really feel her spirit when she writes. She will do great when she gets home. I think she will do great at whatever she decides to do. I am going to miss reading about her adventures and experiences.

  3. She has great analogies...and that's because she truly grows from each experience and has become truly converted. She has converted the most important she could/should have... herself. Now, what will get me through the "Sister Henry" blog withdrawals?


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